10 Best Marketing Explainer Videos

by James Favata

Go ahead scroll down and start watching the videos… but READ THIS when you’re done!

So, what is an explainer video?

It's exactly what it sounds like. An explainer video describes a topic, problem, service... well, anything! The descriptive term "explainer video" is super buzzy right now, so a lot of people are stretching the term to fit into this trend.

Within the explainer video genres there exists a bunch of different subgenres, and to be clear, this list is going to focus on marketing videos. If the list below included all explainer videos, VOX would take up all 10 spots.

Let’s face it, you didn’t come her to find out what happens to your knuckles when you crack them or why you shouldn't drive slowly in the left lane. No, you want to know how to create an explainer video to market your organization.

BUT, if you’re looking for a great explainer that answers a question, check out our video on:

What Makes a Video go viral?


What Is Hypertension?

Now that we got the “answering a question” explainers out of the way we are left with explaining a product, organization, or mission. Within this format there are four major techniques, which include:

  1. Animation
  2. The live host
  3. Live action
  4. The “YouTube explainer.”

I’m sure you know exactly what I mean by animation, live action, and the live host but what is a “YouTube explainer?” I consider the YouTube explainer to be a low-budget approach utilizing a witty script with slapped together image and video assets.

To better illustrate this technique we made an example featuring LAI Video.

Watch it! It’s only 30 seconds :)

Get it? This technique is more of a feeling than a formula.

Use the list below to get inspiration and to think about what format might work best for you. Think about the purpose for your marketing objective and if the explainer video genre is the best way to meet that objective. Next to each title  on the list I will include the name of the technique utilized. And yes, I’m sorry if this is the first place you’ve read this but… the whiteboard video is dead.

10 - PrescribeWellness - Convenience - Animation

9 - BaseCase - Animation

8 - Girls Don't Poop - PooPourri.com - The Live Host

7 -  Amazon Key - Live Action

6 - 2ndMilk - Animation

5 - Works With Nest - Animation

4 - Notarize! - The Live Host


3 - What using monday.com feels like - YouTube Explainer

2 - Brave / Browser - Animation

1 - DollarShaveClub.com - The Live Host

I know I said 10… but here’s 11 just for fun.

This Unicorn Changed The Way I Poop - #SquattyPotty - The Live Host

Next Steps

Those are great, right?

Now that we have fully explained the in's-and-out's of explainer videos, you are probably wondering how your organization can leverage explainer videos to reach and engage with your target audience. We would love to help!

Contact us today, and let’s start brainstorming ideas for your next marketing explainer video!

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