Zoom & Enhance: 10 Year Challenge & Other Challenges

by James Loizou


Hi, marketers and marketing enthusiasts! 

Brands are people, my friend. For better or for worse, we follow them. We interact with them. We trust them and give them our data because, whatever, I’m going to post my 10-year challenge pictures and I don’t care if Facebook now knows what I’ll look like as an old person.

This month, we look at how organizations seek authenticity by engaging with consumers in less controlled, less expected ways. Whether you’re changing public option, continuing an ongoing story or going for shock-and-awe, we know that there’s something in here for you. 

Because you can trust us. We’re a brand, too ;)

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Marketing Tactic #47: The Social Experiment

Our creative proposal writer and generally creative guy Adam Katz explores how “gotcha” marketing stunts is a trending marketing tactic. What starts as a prank on real life people can end in hilarious or deeply moving revelations for the unsuspecting participants and online viewers.


Marketing Tactic #23: Taking a Stand

Adam also explores how brands are getting woke on social issues, looking to build consumer loyalty by aligning themselves with specific values. From Nike’s widely-embraced Colin Kaepernick commercial to Pepsi’s widely-terrible Kendall Jenner misfire, Adam examines a variety of ads, including Gillette’s recent take on #MeToo (oh boy).




Where Are They Now?

Do you ever look back and say “Man, those people were so good at that thing. I wonder what they’re doing now?” It’s not quite the 10-year challenge, but we revisit two extraordinary individuals and past recipients of NRF Foundation scholarships. Students-turned-retail executives, the series touts the successes of these young people, while underlining the Foundation’s commitment to finding and shaping more Kaleys and Evans.  



Industry Spotlight: Finance

In a reoccurring segment, we look at how different industries communicate with video. This month, LAI Video's Senior Producer and Project Manager, Sarah Wides, looks at how the financial community uses friendly animation and docu-storytelling to explain complicated concepts (like fintech!) or debunk lingering stereotypes (like financial planners are not cool!). 




WTF, Skittles

Skittles is looking to top itself after successfully creating a Super Bowl ad for just one person last year. In lieu of a 30-second TV commercial, Skittles is now making a 30-minute Broadway musical commercial starring Dexter’s Michael C. Hall. This is really happening, as Hall tries to explain to his psychiatrist in a teaser for the one-time show. 

Skittles is a brand, but if it was a person, I’d shake its hand. 

Happy New Year from LAI Video!

Until next time, zooming out.



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