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2018 Video Trend #1: Disappearing Stories



In 2011, Snapchat introduced "disappearing" messages to the world, proving that there's long-term demand for short-lived social content. Initially, marketers (like myself) brushed this app aside as a form of texting for teenagers. How could organizations possibly use a platform of vanishing ads for large-scale, expensive campaigns? Now, nearly seven years later, brands embrace ephemeral marketing as a quick and, yes, meaningful way to connect with users, fans and the community.

But how did this happen? Disposable marketing goes against everything that we've been building towards, right!? It's not carefully curated. It's not permanent. And that’s kind of the point.

Being fast, being hasty is now the same as being authentic. Sure, there's a time and a place for well-produced, carefully-crafted video content (and when you have that time and place, please call us!). But for everything in between -- for all those little day-to-day moments -- ephemeral content keeps your users engaged with your brand.

After turning down a $3 billion offer from Facebook (and a reported $30 billion offer from Google!?), Snapchat continues to walk the fine line of protecting its users from its businesses. As CEO Evan Spiegel said last December, Snapchat is making modifications to separate the "social" from the "media" and clearly isolate branded content from your personal feed.

But Instagram Stories (launched in 2016) takes a completely different approach. As Instagram COO Marne Levine pointed out at a recent conference, users are searching for brands that have meaning to them. The stigma of selling out has largely been replaced by people who just want to follow organizations that they like. Instagram's brand-friendly approach is almost making it too easy for companies to consider their platform.

If you're not yet doing it, THEN START DOING IT. It's easy. Be timely and post often. Go behind the scenes. Put out a poll. Add doodles. Give your brand standards a break and have fun. Whether you hire an expert or empower a post-millennial marketer to take over your company’s IG account, the age of ephemeral engagement is here. And we're happy to talk about how your snaps and your stories play a larger role in a healthy video marketing diet.

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