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2018 Video Trend #2: Personalized Messages



Four years ago, for Facebook’s 10th anniversary, the social media giant gifted everyone with a personalized video that summarized their very existence (on Facebook). The custom compilations pulled popular posts and photos from your timeline and allowed you to customize various elements before sharing it with your friends. Was this cheesy? Yeah, kinda. Was this unprecedented? Absolutely. Did this shake us, a video production company, to our very core? You have no idea.

The effort was an engineering feat, instantly generating hundreds of millions of individual videos without crashing the whole friggin’ platform.

And even as FB has evolved this service since 2014 (including yesterday's Friends Day superlatives), the notion of “personalized” video has been slow to catch on in the general video marketing world. Until now…

Video platforms like Vidyard (our preferred video hosting partner btw) are investing in the personalized video trend, allowing sales and marketing teams to connect with thousands of customers with video content that is slightly more, well, personal.

The mechanics: We produce the core message with specific touchpoints or “moments” that will be customized based on data that you collect from inquiry forms or email list registrations — information like your name or your interests or answers to specific questions.

After the user completes the survey, event registration, donation, etc., they’ll receive an email containing the personalized video. Something that will grab their attention and standout among the marketing noise.

The technology does not have to be limited to greetings or “thank yous.” Humana uses SundaySky’s SmartVideo platform to provide its members with video updates on their health care statements, offering a personal touch to a service that’s often super impersonal.

With personalized videos, Vidyard touts increased click-through rates by 4.5x, keeping viewers watching videos for 35% longer!

This trend is already in the market. Maybe you’ve already received a personalized video! Did you scream at your computer and say, “How do they know my name!?” Or did you roll your eyes and go “Umm. No.”

Reach out to us and we’ll discuss the pros and cons of this new tool and how personalized video could take your campaign to the next level.

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