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3 Types of Videos You Need In 2019


By now, most of our clients understand the powerful role video plays in marketing campaigns, but they still have a lot of questions about what types of video will work for them.

We’re always happy to jump on a call with you to learn about your organization and provide you with a list of tailored video and digital campaign strategy recommendations for your organization based on your key objectives, business goals, roadblocks and challenges, and prospective audience. But we wanted to share three popular styles of video that really took off over the last few years and will continue to be impactful in 2019 and beyond for you to consider using in your 2019 strategy.


  1. Animated Explainer Video

    Does your group need to communicate tricky, dense, or dull information to an unfamiliar audience? Then you need an explainer video. Our team works with you to create an exciting concept that will grab viewer’s attention. Then, we’ll use our incredible animation team to break down wonky jargon or intimidating statistics and leave a lasting impression, as we did with the ITI Decodes series.


  2. Rebranding Video
    New year, new you? If your team is focused on a rebrand, or just wants to better communicate who you are to reflect new leadership or a new position in the marketplace, let us know. We’ve worked with many incredible companies over the past year to deliver strong identity pieces. This video we produced for The Washington Times is a favorite.


  3. Day In The Life Videos
    One of the most powerful ways to communicate your industry or organization’s relevance is to allow an everyday person to bring it to life. We created a “day in the life” style campaign for the CFP Board that followed three rising stars within the industry. Allowing them to tell their stories, and explain how becoming a Certified Financial Planner changed their lives, is more impactful than an HR messaging campaign should be.

Want to see more? You can also check out more of the diverse and cutting-edge video campaigns we have created for our clients by browsing our video portfolio.


Are you working on a video communications campaign that could benefit from one of these three popular perspectives or styles?

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