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3 Videos You Need in Your Arsenal


Are you itching for video but don’t know where to begin? It’s becoming less of a statistic-thing and more of a common-knowledge-thing that videos will increase your SEO and retain your web guests. 

Think about the websites you visit. Think about what stops your well-paced Facebook scroll. Videos not only enlighten, educate and emote, but also tell your viewers that this is a thing worth learning about.

But a boring video is as good as no video. And a bad video can even harm your brand. You crave video content, but need to do it right… and that takes time, energy and resources. When entering the world of video and working with a lean budget, here are the essential, must-include videos to keep in your communications arsenal.

  • The Identity Piece

This is the perfect “elevator pitch” promo to quickly tell viewers about your organization and mission. This can be voice-over driven, feature executive “talking heads” or highlight the people behind your products and services. This is a great "evergreen" video to live on your homepage or About Us. It can also kickoff presentations, play in your lobby or loop on trade show floors. Be optimistic and true to your brand. Reassure viewers and try not to talk like a robot. 

  • The Not-Boring Animation

Everyone has research and reports — important, complicated information that you want to share with your members, customers and the world. But these text-rich documents often go unnoticed. Create a video to tease, summarize or celebrate new trends. Motion graphics are the perfect way to tell the story of data or explain abstract concepts. Warning: This type of video is time and money-intensive, and viewers have little patience for a poorly-made animation. But should you produce a hit, you'll position your organization as a valuable resource for explaining the inexplicable. 

  • The Heart-Strings Case Study

Video is one of the best channels to elicit an emotion. Laughter from viral shenanigans. Anger from negative ads. Genuine tears from a well-told story. Highlight your feel-good efforts and initiatives from your charities, foundations and employees. Contract a crew to capture your volunteer work and connect with audiences through a genuine human-interest story. While these programs may be loosely tied to your core services, consumers want to know that your brand gives back to the community and works within some kind of moral code.

With the right partner, making professional, brand-enhancing videos can be fun! Send us an email or chat with us about your projects today!

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