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5 Benefits of Working With a Video Production Company


With all the advantages of video content, from dominating 80% of web traffic to influencing 90% of consumers to make a purchase, it’s understandable why you’re ready to begin working with video and reaping its benefits.

The question is, who are you going to be working with? While some companies support an in-house film crew, many choose to collaborate with video production companies. Why? Well, these five benefits of working with a video production company are pretty persuasive:

  1. You Receive Accurate Estimates

    Living and breathing video — it’s what video production companies do. When you share your ideas for your campaign, they can consider the necessary equipment, lighting props, sets, and crew that would be needed to bring your vision to life.

    With those considerations, they can provide an accurate estimate.

  2. You Avoid In-House Production Expenses

    Did you see the budget on the latest Star Wars film? A lot of money goes into filmmaking. While having your in-house team is convenient, it does come at a price. Not only do you have to invest in the necessary film equipment, but you also provide salary and benefits to each member of your film crew.

    In-house costs like those inflate your typical costs of video production, plus they don’t even include the expense of purchasing props or upgrading equipment. With a video production company, they already have the necessary hardware.

  3. You Get a Professional Touch

    When you launch your video marketing campaign, the last thing you want is for it to look unprofessional. Working with video can seem easy when you’re watching behind-the-scenes clips, but the truth is that it’s challenging. You’re managing a crew and actors as well as lighting, equipment, and shots that may be time-sensitive.

    That’s why the professional touch of video production companies is one of their biggest benefits. You can oversee the creative development process without worrying about shooting schedules or the quality of the final product. Instead, you can trust them to deliver a professional, high-quality video.

  4. You Have Access to a Team of Film Experts

    Collaborating with a team of all-stars opens a lot of doors. Whether you’re interested in filming a live event, commercial, promotional video, or an animated video, you can accomplish it with an outside video production company.

    With a specialty in marketing videos, you can also receive advice for building out your marketing idea. Video production companies can help you define your message, create an engaging story, build a microsite, and then upload it to various platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

  5. You Make Deadlines Without Hassle

    Missed deadlines burn — especially if your company’s been advertising your upcoming video. No one likes falling behind, but it can happen for in-house teams when they get over burdened.

    Video production companies ensure your deadline is met, even when they’re tight. Our team, for instance, has stayed up late into the night to create recaps that’ll air the next day for an event’s closing ceremonies. It’s just what we do — after all, we live and breathe video!

If you want to experience the full benefits of video production companies firsthand, consider recruiting LAI Video. We’re an award-winning team that’s passionate about working with video and bringing your vision to the big screen.

Explore our portfolio and contact our team of experts today to learn how we can support your video production needs!

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