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5 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs an Explainer Video


Explainers are all the buzz in the video marketing world and a trend that the LAI Video team believes is here to stay. Why? Because they’re an excellent way to deliver quick, clear messages to customers and prospects and help them better understand your products, services, and mission. There’s no one right way to produce an explainer. There are a variety of formats to play with and ample room for creativity – from tapping into animation to visualize a concept to testimonial-driven content that drives home the message.

Explainer videos are a must-have for businesses in every industry. Here are five reasons why: 

1. Explainer Videos are Short, Sweet, and to the Point

Competition for attention is at an all-time high. With that in mind, explainer videos are best served short and sweet and with a strong call to action. They’re great for providing viewers with a concise overview of your organization’s products, services, or ideas — almost like your elevator pitch. While it may be tempting to fit multiple messages into your video, tempting doesn’t always equal compelling for your audience. Craft one or two key messages to give your audience the most amount of information about your company in the shortest amount of time, and retain their attention for longer.

Watch how we collaborated with Share Our Strength to explain the No Kid Hungry campaign's Rethink #Hangry initiative in less than a minute and a half. 

2. You Can Show Off Your Features and Value

Think of explainer videos as your organization’s moment in the spotlight with your audience watching. This is the chance for your product or service to shine. Your explainer video should highlight the main features and benefits it has to offer, what sets it apart from other options in the market, and why it’s of value to your target market.

Take a look at how we partnered with tech firm, Cvent, on an explainer video that highlights the company's impressive suite of applications. 

3. They Provide Answers and Solutions

Your customers have questions that need answering and problems that need solving. That’s what makes explainer videos so great. By definition, they’re intended to address your customers’ pressing needs and illustrate how your product or service will provide the most beneficial solution. The mix of visual and audio is better suited to helping your audience contextualize and understand what your organization can do for them.

In this excerpt from our feature-length documentary, A Teachable Moment, we use animation and expert testimony to answer the question: what is a stroke?

4. They’re Practical, Adaptable, and Versatile

The possibilities for creating a professional-quality explainer video, repurposing it for different media, and expanding its reach will ensure you get the most out of your investment. Collaborating with a video agency partner, such as LAI Video, will allow you to refine your message, get creative with the format (such as going the animated route), and produce a piece that resonates with your customers. Be sure to include stats, testimonials, and graphics to enhance your message.

When we partnered with the Institute for Workplace Equality on an explainer video for its Pay Equity Index, we combined testimony, animation, and dynamic b-roll to show how the organization has developed a best-in-class solution. 

5. Explainer Videos Highlight Your Brand and Story

Explainer videos provide an excellent starting point for getting your organization in front of customers and prospects, as well as building brand awareness. Great explainer videos excel at seamlessly integrating branding attributes — from logo and taglines to visual styling elements and brand voice. Including these elements in your video will help instill your brand into your audience as they take in your message. Whether it’s a comeback story following a challenging time or the introduction of a new product or service, your explainer video is your platform to share your message with the masses.

See how we interspersed NAIOP’s branding throughout the explainer video we produced highlighting the benefits of membership and why it’s a valuable investment for commercial real estate professionals.

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