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5 Trends to Level-Up Your Virtual Event (with Video!)

Trends to Level-Up Your Virtual Event with Video

It’s the Fall and events season is well underway. But instead of flying off to exotic new event venues or building custom sets for the world’s biggest convention centers, we are all “attending” our conferences, fundraisers, and galas remotely. 

And, if you’re not careful, they really start to look the same. But fear not! As you plan your next virtual experience, consider these out-of-the-box pro tips to save you from Zoom fatigue and give your attendees something unexpected.

1. Keep Them Hooked with a Story

Devise a compelling narrative that makes the virtual format look like an inspired choice and not a pandemic constraint. Through professional, pre-produced segments, tell the kind of beginning-middle-and-end story that keeps viewers hooked. Have your hosts break back into their abandoned corporate office. Or drop familiar faces into an unfamiliar virtual world. Be tongue-in-cheek. Get weird.

Level Up Your Virtual Event Story

2. Professionally Film Your Participants 

Whether they are live or pre-recorded, level up your production quality to instantly remind attendees that this is a bigger deal than your standard Zoom meeting. Whether you come to our studio or our studio comes to you, give your CEOs, VIPs, MVPs and GOATs that all-star treatment they deserve, all while maintaining a strictly remote event. Brainstorm some filming options, and check out these different ways you can film your remote interview, in-person.

Level Up Your Virtual Event by Professionally Filming

3. Get Creative with Sponsorships

In the before times, traditional sponsorship opportunities included printed program ads, tables, and all kinds of physical swag. In the virtual times, be creative! Beyond housekeeping “loops,” consider dropping your best partners’ logos within pre-produced segments — just like the product placements you find in big films and TV shows. And if you’re still seeking partners during filming, we will plan for placeholders and digitally add the logos later, to make sure you're staying engaged with sponsors in the virtual world.

Level Up Your Virtual Event with Sponsors

4. Up Your Graphics Game

A well done virtual event is oftentimes more like a television show than a live meeting. A big part of that are the visuals. Drape your program in Oscars-inspired glitter or MTV-esque funk, creating dynamic title slides, lower thirds, and transitions that tell your viewers that this is not a PowerPoint situation — this is a broadcast-quality experience that is worth your time. Learn more about the different ways you can incorporate graphics into your virtual event.

Level Up Your Virtual Event Graphics

5. Master the Hand-off

While we may not be able to gather for your big, signature awards show, give your awardees the recognition that they deserve. With some forethought and quick editing, you can create a fun “pinning” ceremony worthy of any TikTok challenge. More importantly, make sure your awardees (and awarders) are comfortable with the new format and willing to take full advantage of “going virtual,” no matter how silly and awkward this whole thing is.

Level Up Your Virtual Event Pinning

BONUS: Surprise Viewers with Cameos

Treat your attendees to something special for their time. Talent has never been more accessible, with big-name celebrities and speakers willing to record countless messages from their homes. And even if you don’t have the budget or connections to get a Fauci or a Leno (for example), check out services like cameo.com to order a personalized message from some surprisingly well-known personalities. 

Level Up Your Virtual Event Celebrity

Ready to level-up your next virtual event with video?

Every virtual event is different. To prevent your event from looking like just another virtual meeting, enhance your production with these creative video ideas.

Now is the moment to wow the world with your virtual event. We’re here to help you find the most effective video to get the word out. Let’s connect!

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