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5 Ways to Be More Than A Talking Head

5 Ways to Be More Than A Talking Head Cover

There’s a reason why the dreaded “talking head” is an unshakeable genre of video marketing. You dispatch your executives’ heads because those heads are really good at what they do: storytelling. This has just as much to do with your organization’s mission as it does your boss's personal brand.

From inwardly speaking to staffs and membership to outwardly communicating to the Hill and public, the modern-day association exec regularly informs and inspires audiences. But there's an art to making really good talking heads. At LAI Video, we learn from the best.

 And we steal.

Here are five techniques stolen for your benefit :)


1. The Masterclass

Sure, this looks like any ole talking head, but this educational series is as immaculately scripted as it is shot, which can position any subject as the subject matter expert. For the American Enterprise Institute, we emulated these intimate fireside conversations with Arthur Brooks sharing a few lessons from his new book.


2. The 73 Questions

We adapted the popular Vogue YouTube series that features the rich and famous answering questions while giving private tours of their celebrity homes. Consider inviting viewers to get to know your executive by giving them a behind the scenes tour of the office, as we did with Jason Broughton at Zappos headquarters — all in one shot!


3. The Dollar Shave Club

The 2011 viral video reimagines the office tour into something quirky and fun. Replace authenticity with theatrics, emphasizing personality and culture. If we could do it for the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, think what we could do for you!


4. The 60 Minutes

This list wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the retiring Steve Kroft, who has been walking and talking with interviewees for 30 years. Make your executive the interviewer, setting him or her up to ask the hard-hitting questions over an easy stroll.


5. The Roundtable

The award-winning Hollywood Reporter Roundtable series has become the standard for moderating a group of professionals or industry experts. For No Kid Hungry, we called on an ensemble of celebrity chefs to talk about the importance of philanthropy and collectively geek out over the one and only Danny Meyer.


Of course, this is just five ways of leveraging personal image to communicate a specific message.

Trust your gut. As a viewer, if you like something that you see, talk to us.

Let’s steal something.


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