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7 Things Video Companies Need To Know To Quote Your Video Project

Budgeting Video Campaign

Every day, we receive inquires from marketers requesting quotes for their upcoming video projects. While all projects are created differently, we have a general base of questions we ask in order to provide the most accurate quote.

Here are the essential things we ask before sharing a price range:



We don’t expect you to know the technical details of video-making, but a great entry point is the video “type” – how do you want your video to look? This immediately begins to shape the necessary ingredients for your project. We can boil down most videos into three major categories:

  • Live Action: Videos that are exclusively live action feature real-life talent (either people or actors).
  • Animation: Fully-animated videos use design and motion graphics to illustrate complex concepts, characters and scenes.

Similar to our promotional video for The Federation of State Medical Boards', our team of creative animators transform client needs into visually appealing scenes of animated motion.

  • Mixed Media: And sometimes our clients' projects require a little bit of everything, incorporating both live action and animated elements - like NHSS Scholars Day video. Perhaps visuals are composited overtop footage to point something out? Or maybe photo and video content is packaged together into a slick, highly-treated  montage that connects with your audience in a more imaginative way.


    Having a specific video or commercial in mind helps us know where you’re coming from. Maybe a competitor released a promotional video? Maybe you loved the opening titles to a new Netflix show? Maybe you fell in love with something on our own Portfolio? We steal – we borrow – from the best videos out there. Literally anything can be inspiration!  


    For live-action projects that require original filming, the location(s) can dramatically impact any budget. Are we telling the story at someone’s home in the DC suburbs or are we traveling to schools across the country? Our rates vary based on geographic location, but we may be able to plan for efficiencies, like coordinating a back-to-back shooting schedule. We will also consider travel and on-site expenses, as well as location permits and fess. 

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    Just as locations can be a defining element for live-action projects, the video’s length is essential for animation and mixed-media projects. Every second of a motion graphics sequence requires time-intensive storyboarding, graphic design and frame-by-frame animation. Depending on the complexity of the animation, the difference between 30 and 45 seconds can be tremendous. 

    Who’s Doing What?

    Every collaboration is different and we can enter the process at any phase of development. Some of our partners invite us to help create a series from the ground up. We are tasked with developing the campaign’s brand, logo and even name. Other projects may already have a definitive style guide and script. Let us know what items may already be completed, need an extra set of eyes or need to be built from scratch.

    Supplemental Social Elements

    We often bundle our video projects with other social-ready deliverables. As you plan your roll out strategy, consider some of these other elements:

    • GIFs: We pride ourselves at extracting the perfect GIF-able moments from your video shoots to use publicly or as part of your campaign. 
    • Still Images: As we plan your video shoots, we may pull subjects aside for a quick photo op to develop high-res stills to be used in print and other applications.
    • Video Cutdowns: Different social platforms prefer different lengths. And if you want your video content to be placed as pre-roll or mid-roll ads, you’ll want the proper cut-down.Check out this short video _.
    • Stickers: Much like a GIF, a sticker is a looping image with a transparent background that you can “stick” on top of your texts and Instagram stories.



      And arguably the most important things to have when generating a quote is your budget. I know that may sound counter-intuitive, but knowing a ballpark budget or very broad price-range can save everyone a lot of time during the brainstorming and proposal phase. We want to appropriately scale our million dollar idea to your, perhaps, non-million dollar budget. 

      With this information, we’ll have your quote in no time!

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