A Full Fall Update

We wanted to update you sooner, but we’ve been so busy traveling the country and telling some remarkable stories this last fall season! While the dust still settles, here’s just a few of our favorite projects that may be worth your attention.

And, who knows? Maybe one of them will inspire marketing brilliance!

Getting Hangry about Hunger

We partnered with No Kid Hungry on a road trip campaign that had us in a school bus-themed RV for one month, raising awareness for childhood hunger in the United States. Parking outside of big brand restaurants, we supercharged event activations to get patrons and the local community to record “hangry” messages. As we left each stop, we made 20 incredibly well-produced videos for restaurants like Denny’s and Arby’s to share on their own social channels, extending No Kid Hungry's reach well beyond its own Twitter account.

All Those Years

All those years of making cinematic videos about Zero Injury Safety has finally come to a dramatic conclusion. In a series that saw Terminator-style special effects and graphic novel-inspired illustrations, we end the five-year saga with an emotional three-part conclusion that celebrates the safety principles that bind the retiring veterans and incoming apprentices of union construction. Slow motion video portraits and cinematography present a diverse and dedicated workforce.

Ending Stroke Together, with a PSA

We produced a PSA for the American Stroke Association and its new Together to End Stroke campaign. Utilizing a powerful script, we recorded stroke heroes, doctors and supporting family members in a striking black and white treatment. The promo also doubles as a preview for LAI’s own unfinished documentary, which will feature the same stellar ensemble.

Three Scouts’ Honors

As sponsors of the Boy Scouts of America National Capital Area Council Gala, we produced videos that honored some of the finest local Eagle Scouts, including a very special look at the Cantos family. The story of a blind father and his adopted blind triplet sons serves as a powerful reminder that the Scouts program can be a support system as well as an outlet for helping others overcome life’s toughest adversities. 

Another I Am IH Video. Another Award.

We just released the last episode of the I Am IH video series, this time focusing on Jessica Hauge, who walks us through her exciting engineering job at the sprawling 3M campus. And just as this video debuted, the previous two episodes were recognized for another accolade, adding a Platinum MarCom honor to the dotCOMM award from the summer. 

Talking Heads in Style

How do you honor important people without making the traditional “talking-head” video? We explored a new approach for CEO Update’s fourth Association Leadership Awards, asking interviewees to share one very specific story where they took a risk. After we conducted the interviews and laid out a content cut, we charmingly recreated the honorees’ risky stories with fluorescent animation and a comical stick figure style. Because it’s OK to be silly if you still respect your subject matter!

The Power of A… Good Series

We continued our work with the American society of Association Executives to produce the fourth installment in their flagship Power of A series. Debuting at ASAE’s 2017 Summit Awards, the new video set the tone and priorities for the next year of the association community — reminding viewers that associations can solve real world problems beyond the nation’s capital. And just as ASAE’s priorities evolve, so does the animation and “rotoscoping” techniques. Cat produced this year’s video with Tiffany on the edit and painstakingly gorgeous compositing effects.

A Brighter Bright Beginning

We just completed a new identity video for LAI’s favorite charity Bright Beginnings, offering an overview of the organization’s mission to educate and develop children from homeless families. The promotional video features new BB team members and heart-warming b-roll footage of the center’s adorable young ones.

A Happy, Growing Family

Our LAI Video grew by four with the additions of Krystal and De’von and Niles and Dylan. It may be dated to make such announcements with them joining months ago, but our warmest of welcomes are still just as sincere. They’ve already traveled crossed the country and helped develop and produce some of LAI Video’s more interesting and complex projects this fall.

Did one of these items strike your fancy? Or steal your breath? Or leave you with unanswered questions?

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