A New Way To Engage Your Stakeholders

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Finding new ways to engage your stakeholders year-after-year is a daunting task.

You may be familiar with the #GiveaCrop campaign we executed in close partnership with CropLife America, in an effort to start a dialogue about pesticide use and encourage people to #GiveaCrop. This year, CropLife’s communications director wanted to create deeper and more meaningful relationships with her organization’s member companies, employees, and partners.

Together, we created a platform that helped their partners crowd-source submissions for ideas for video commercials from their teams. Five lucky members had their ideas selected and turned into actual commercials—and they got to star in them! And, then we created a microsite, where all of this content now lives.

Audience Engaging Commercials 

You can watch one of the commercials now: 

To top it off, the organization debuted these commercials at their annual meeting, again spotlighting the members who got involved. All in all, the campaign was a huge success and so much fun!

                                                CropLife                                    CropLifeShoot

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