An authentic inside look at your industry


We wanted to share this recent Forbes article  that we found with you. One line stood out to us:

“In our attention economy, a video’s believability is one of the key determinants as to whether it will be skipped or shared.”

As we're sure you know, consumers, stakeholders, potential employees, and clients crave authenticity. And when they watch a video that feels real, they are so much more likely to share it.

We work with video clients to create “documentary style” videos that go behind-the-scenes to bring organizations to life—showcasing their impact, highlighting the benefits of working there, and celebrating the group’s biggest contributions to society, all the while generating next generation interest in the industry.

Let us know if you’d be interested in seeing a few examples of the kinds of videos like this that we’ve created for clients. We’d love to brainstorm what we could do to showcase your group and industry and bounce around some ideas.

A question to get us started: What do you think the “Dirty Jobs” of your industry would look like?

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