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Animate Your Zoom Heads

Animate Your Zoom Heads

From the early days of the whiteboard to the live hosts of Vox, NowThis, and BuzzFeed News, explainer videos have long been a popular way to highlight an organization’s expertise and respond to common questions or searches audiences may have. As people seek clear guidance, answers, and solutions to help them navigate these unprecedented times, organizations have an opportunity to present themselves as thought leaders – an endeavor that’s more critical than ever before.

Recently, LAI Video produced explainer videos with two leading economic minds – both represented by our sister business, LAI Speakers – as they offer their perspectives on the current climate and the future. While the videos embrace different creative techniques, both demonstrate how organizations and their executives can position themselves as thought leaders – and leave their audiences with a powerful impression.

COVID-19 Economist - Recession vs. Depression with Marci Rossell

In this explainer video, Dr. Marci Rossell, the Former Chief Economist for CNBC, explores whether our economy is facing a recession, depression, or something else entirely. Our team used original motion graphics to decipher these terms, illustrating key concepts before surmising about the nature of a recovery. Recalling periods of economic decline, mixed-media elements become fragmented like pieces of a puzzle, bringing big ideas to life.

COVID-19 Economist - Fiscal Policies with Erik Peterson

Whereas Dr. Rossell breaks down key economic terms, Erik Peterson, Partner and Managing Director of A.T. Kearney’s Global Business Policy Council, conceptualizes how to think about economic activity to prepare for a post-COVID-19 world. Embracing attention-grabbing kinetic typography, the explainer portends that the business environment as we know it will undergo a drastic transformation. As motion design reinforces a sense of drama, viewers come to understand the significance of our economy’s “same planet, different world” moment.

Through thoughtful presentation on a timely topic, explainer videos help to expand an audience, gain viewers’ trust, and inspire confidence in an organization’s solutions. By bringing complex ideas to life in these unprecedented times, you can show how your organization is leading the way forward.


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