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Animation Wins 3 Tellys


While our production crews bounce from coast-to-coast capturing phenomenal stories on camera, LAI Video’s animation team has been hard at work and continuing to produce award-winning motion graphic videos. Today, I’m very pleased to announce that we have been recognized with THREE Telly awards.

Translating complex data or abstract concepts into colorful, digestible nuggets can be a daunting task. At LAI Video, our writers, project managers and animators become temporary authorities on your subject matter. The following three pieces are some of our favorites — using video to explain the principles behind electronic transactions, the ease of paper recycling and the economic impact of the metals industry.

These videos not only deliver a specific message, but playfully extend the brand of each organization, reinforcing video as a valued part of any communications strategy.

Art Direction
The Economics of Metals
Metals Service Center Institute

 LAI Video Animator + Producer Tiffany Lewis created a vibrant world of color and triangles for this infographic video. Her angles beautifully build into memorable statistics to help tell MSCI’s story of data.

3D Graphics/Animation
The Life of a Payment
The Electronic Transactions Association

LAI Video Animator Sean Kimber brings to life 2-dimensional design with 3D movement, as he graceful spins smart phones, dissects credit cards and builds a planet of pastels. This video ultimately educates viewers on the power of electronic payments and reiterates ETA’s role as a representative of new payment technology.

Paper Recycles
American Forest & Paper Association

In this consumer-facing video, LAI Video Animator + Producer Rob Kramer outlines the dos-and-don’ts of paper recycling in a straightforward, kid-friendly manner. His animation approach compliments the child narration, making this message appropriate for all ages.

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