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Artful Run and Gun Camera Techniques


The basic principle of a traditional run and gun shoot is to quickly capture footage without lights and extraneous equipment. This shooting technique is often used to capture news footage and live events. In any fast-paced scenario, a run and gun shooting technique allows cameramen to nimbly document moments as they happen in real time.

Remember Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie Nightcrawler?

This is the best example of a true ‘run and gun’ shooting style.
Point your camera at the action and go.

Due to time and cost restraints, most corporate video utilizes a run and gun shooting style to quickly capture footage in the least amount of shooting days possible. I used to consider LAI Video the master of the ‘run and gun’ shoot, but over time, I believe we have redefined that traditional shooting style and brought artistic control to the melee... introducing the ‘Artful Run and Gun’.

The Artful Run and Gun is both our newest innovation and oldest trademark at LAI Video. Our current best practices are techniques and strategies perfected over years of experience. Typically, in the video production industry, and most industries across the board, there is a tendency to focus on innovations that change the way content is delivered rather than the quality of the content itself (think iPhone, iPad, YouTube, Netflix, Twitter). Describe an innovative corporate video. What would it look like? LAI Video’s Artful Run and Gun shooting style pushes forward visual content standards regardless of the viewing apparatus.

The Artful Run and Gun style begins in the mind of each shooter. We don’t just point our cameras at an action, hit record, and document. All of our cameramen look at light, exposure, depth of field, and composition to quickly determine how to capture content in the best, most meaningful way. Both the golden ratio and the rule of thirds weigh heavily in our shooting decisions.  The fundamental difference that sets LAI Video apart from other cost effective corporate video solutions is LAI Video’s cinematic sensibility. 

To create our signature high quality videos, we carry an arsenal of fixed lenses, rather than running around with a hand-held camera and zoom lens. The highest quality manual lenses (no auto focus... EVER) and a 4K image sensor promises superb image quality and our stedicams, sliders, and small jibs provide the support necessary for creating a high quality and powerful video. 

Our passion to be Washington DC’s best video production company fuels our vision, and our wide-array of equipment are the tools we use to transform typical ‘corporate video’ into a truly cinematic experience. Our cameramen are not just shooters. They are cinematographers.

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