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Be Ready For The Pitch With Video


From selling a product to providing a service, pitching and winning new business is an essential component in scaling any company.

But pitching isn’t just about selling a product or service anymore. It’s about building trust and differentiating your brand through storytelling – educating and also connecting with potential clients through communicating your mission, industry impact, and future goals.

Along with organically developing progressive conversations with prospects, there’s one sales trend that’s been taking the pitching game by storm: video. From brand identity videos to explainer videos, providing prospect buyers or investors the opportunity to understand your competitive advantage and see your team in action simultaneously gives them the chance to experience your brand first-hand – and pushes you closer to making a sale.

See below for a couple of ways we’ve helped our clients stand out from the crowd – through video!


The Introduction Video: Tell Your Story

People don’t necessarily buy what you sell, they buy why you sell. In order to successfully convince a potential buyer into making a purchase, they must first be a supporter of your brand’s story (that’s where we come in!). One creative way to tell your brand story is by utilizing a brand identity video.

Not only do identity videos illustrate your brand identity elements (such as values, missions, and goals), but they also aid in communicating your brand’s uniqueness. Whether it’s a compelling story about your brands’ conception, a new product addition to your portfolio, or a recent social action, we help our clients humanize their brand by producing a fully packaged video that seamlessly emphasizes the top selling points within your company.

Check out this brand identity video we produced for DCI Consulting. Utilizing the company’s own employees to discuss their new pay equity index, the video not only highlights DCI Consulting’s competitive advantage, but also reinforces their overall mission: to help organizations navigate the complex issues of Equal Employment Opportunity compliance.


The Explainer Video: Animation for The Win

Clarity plays a huge role in closing a sale. In order for potential clients to consider investing in your product or service, they must first clearly understand what your company or industry is all about.

Explainer videos are a great way clearly to communicate this to potential buyers. And utilizing animation can elevate the video’s look and feel, while also vividly capturing, packaging, and simplifying complex ideas, initiatives, or processes. When producing explainer videos for clients, we often help to define a product or service with engaging illustrations.

Take a look at how we worked with Virtus Partners on their latest turnkey platform for virtual asset management. In efforts to increase client demo inquiries, we packaged this complex new technology in a 1-minute/easy-to-understand motion graphic animation.


The Testimonial Video: Building Trust Through Word of Mouth

What pushes people towards making a decision during the purchasing process? Trust.

One strong pitch tactic that aids in building trust is showing your potential client the ins-and-outs of your offering through testimonial videos.

Whether utilizing exclusive footage of real people using your product, or highlighting an authentic review of a customer’s experience, this approach gives your potential client reassurance and builds their trust with your brand. By putting the viewer in someone else’s shoes, they can see how your product or service can help them, too. And hearing from someone who has already worked with you can give potential buyers the confidence to move forward.

Check out how we helped Jedburgh Technology demonstrate their new virtual reality training software by showcasing user’s real-life reactions to experiencing the product first-hand.


Let’s Innovate Your Pitch

If you’re interested in enhancing your normal traditional pitch with video, contact us!

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