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Behind the Scenes: IFA's 55th Annual Convention


A great event is easy to recognize. Whether it’s a sales meeting or a multi-day convention, you can tell right away when you’re part of something powerful and unique. Of course crafting an experience that feels inevitable and exciting is a huge undertaking for any organization.

At LAI Live that’s exactly what we do best. Our event production team is passionate about creating transformative experiences that showcase amazing content and drive attendee engagement.


Director: James Favata
Co-Producer: James Loizou
Co-Producer: Sarah Wides
Cinematographer: Jun Yang
Editor: Tiffany Lewis

In 2014, we partnered with the International Franchising Association (IFA) to help reimagine their 55th Annual Convention. IFA wanted to set a new standard for their 2015 gathering, one that would stay true to the nearly 6 decades of successful conventions that had come before it. So the LAI Live team set out to carefully blend the traditions that had come to define IFA’s Annual Convention with a fresh and energetic approach.

“This was an amazing opportunity for our Live Events team, but also for all of Leading Authorities,” says Kim Adomanis-Chomicz, Vice President of Production. “Our ability to become a one-stop-shop for live events production allowed us to create an extremely cohesive and powerful message for the IFA.”

Through the combined efforts of the Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau, and LAI Video, LAI Live helped the IFA deliver a convention that spoke with a compelling and unified voice, sustaining the IFA’s theme—Connect. Innovate. Evolve—across all event functions.

“Video is a key part of any live event,” says Tori Furphy, Director of Operations and Client Experience for LAI Video, “and most of our clients realize that a video can take an important moment on stage to the next level. IFA’s Annual Convention is a great example of how our video team was able to work alongside LAI Events to create hard-hitting, impactful video content that was crucial to delivering the message and the emotions that IFA wanted their audience to walk away with.”

Establishing the full scope of an annual event requires looking beyond the immediate needs of any one production, it requires establishing “A blue print for the event of the future: a vision that everyone in the room shares about where the event is going” says Helena Lehman, LAI’s Senior Vice President of Client Services. The success of IFA’s 2015 Convention has laid the groundwork for the execution of just such a plan. 2015 brought a 15% increase in attendees, making it IFA’s best-attended convention to date. At Leading Authorities, we are proud to have helped the International Franchise Association execute their 2015 Annual Convention. More than anything, we are excited to help them realize the next phase of the blueprint at #IFA2016 in San Antonio.


Producer: Tori Furphy
Cinematographer: Jun yang
Overnight Editor: Rob Kramer

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