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Behold! The Annual Manual


It's here. Over a year after the inaugural issue, the second volume of our Annual Manual to Being Good at Video Marketing is hot off the figurative and literal press. 

And it's a real page-turner / thumb-scroller. 

Look, we don't pretend to know everything about everything, but we do know a thing or two about video marketing. And we put those things or two into a magazine or "inspiration handbook" to help with marketers-block, which is, like, a totally real thing!


We completely guess that this issue is 300% better than the last one. 

In this issue, we consider bumpers, bobbleheads and bloopers as effective communication tactics. We travel across the country in a school bus to end childhood hunger. We talk about making recruitment videos and recruiting your own video talent. We learn from the world's first t-shirt baker and get personal with personalized video.

We even invite outside contributors to share stories of their own marketing genius and journeys. 

If we were to offer a spoiler-free summary of Volume 2, we'd say that this issue is about being real and treating your subjects and your target audience as HUMAN BEINGS. That said, the irony of featuring a robot on our cover is not lost on us (mostly because we're human beings and we get irony!).

So, what are you waiting for? The issue is at your fingertips! Just click here.

And if you like reading about video on paper, please inquire for nice, glossy editions.


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