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Breaking Out Video’s Hottest Trends


Last week, Helena and I spoke at the premier franchising show #IFA2017 during a breakout session titled “Hottest Trends in Video Marketing.” It was standing-room only as eager franchisors learned how to better shape an audience and tell a story. 

Just as big brands were rolling out new commercials for the Super Bowl, we talked about best marketing practices as seen on TV, as well as social campaigns. The spokesperson. The day-in-the-life. Crowdsourcing. Animation. Funny ha-ha comedy. We discussed the strengths to each strategy when reaching specific consumers.  

Additionally, we discussed the concept of audience “persona" — Diving deeper beyond a blanket demographic (i.e. “millennial”) and really describing your ideal target audience. What do they do for fun? What do they wear? What do they watch? With “teenager” as our example, we broke the age group into distinct personalities, including Nerd, Loaner, Cool Guy and more. 

Using nothing but their marketing wits, franchising gut and our handy Annual Manual (Inspiration Handbook), attendees were split into groups to pitch a hypothetical commercial targeting hypothetical teenagers for a hypothetical bookstore. Yes, a bookstore. They were tasked to make bookstores a thing again. 

Nothing restrained the creative forces of the room — not even the locked ballroom chairs. At the end of the brainstorming session, group leaders presented to the rest of the audience. While no two ideas were the same, all teams put a sense of place front and center — reminding viewers that no matter how on-demand book titles become, nothing can replace the potential in-person experiences from a shared space. And vibing from each other's good energy, all 100 of us vowed to start a bookstore franchise together. 

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