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Campaign Support Services

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With very few exceptions, videos that effectively reach their target audiences don't do it independently. Whether you're thinking of creating a multi-platform video campaign or simply want some matching digital assets to help tie your new video into your online brand, LAI Video offers a variety of campaign services to suit a wide variety of use-cases and budgets. Here’s a quick look at our most frequently requested Campaign Support Services and three recent projects that feature some of these.

Custom Microsites and Video Landing Pages

ACC - the comprehensive campaign approach

We partnered with the American College of Cardiologists to create a three-part video series, a custom microsite they could call home, and a small library of branded marketing collateral that ACC could use to start a conversation with a new generation of cardiologists online.

It sounds like a lot, right? Smart planning in production was key to creating each element. Our Producer, Alexandria, orchestrated a complex shoot schedule that allowed a small crew to captured sit-down and candid interviews, dynamic b-roll, and still photography in a single day with each subject. The resulting assets provided a trove of media to fuel ACC's digital campaign.

Campaign Support Services - Microsites

The microsite is more than just a place for the videos to live. It provides short bios for each cardiologist alongside our professional still photography. A prominent social media aggregator provides a quick window into the community of cardiologists engaging with the campaign. It's a jumping-off point, meant to connect a new generation of cardiologists and start a broader conversation amongst current and prospective medical professionals. 

Branded Social Collateral

Campaign Support Services: Support Graphics

Campaign Support Services: Support Graphics​​​​​​​

To help inspire those connections, we created a collection of supporting graphics made for sharing on social. The resulting GIFs and treated images provide a bold, branded look to ACC's social feeds - perfect for grabbing attention and directing users to the microsite where the videos series lives.

Video Cutdowns

FCC Identity - versatile video cutdowns

We've enjoyed a long partnership with Farm Credit Council. And in recent years, we have helped them create some gorgeous videos for their One Mission Many Voices campaign. They came to us to create an updated identity video utilizing existing footage that could be adapted quickly for distribution across multiple digital platforms.

The solution we came up with was to use scripted voice-over and kinetic text to deliver a pitch-perfect message at different run times. From the full 90 second version, we created 15-, 30-, and 60-second cutdowns, which offer a progressively more concise take on FCC's brand identity. The two shortest versions utilize bold kinetic text extensively to help deliver more message in less time, in a format that's ideal for silent viewing on a variety of social media platforms.

15-second cutdown:

30-second cutdown:

60-second cutdown:

And to ensure seamless functionality across FCC's marketing channels, we offered an additional layer of adaptation, delivering each video in square and vertical orientations to make sure they look their best wherever they play.

Square version:

Vertical version:

Animated GIFs

Nacha - adapting animation for a mini-campaign

We just completed this pair of short, animated explainers for Nacha. Together, they work to inform current fintech and payment professionals about the career-enhancing opportunities Nacha provides through its professional accreditation program. Nacha wanted the videos to feel fresh and exciting while hewing to their existing brand's visual touchpoints.

To do it, we utilized some hot new visual techniques trending in the world of animation and motion design – an expanded color pallet, vintage tech inspiration, and unique character design – to create a dynamic world where ideas and digital connections come to life.

Campaign Support Services: GIFs

Campaign Support Services: GIFs

With some really cool visuals to work with, translating individual moments into animated GIF's that Nacha can use to market was a no-brainer. We added in bold kinetic text using copy taken straight from the videos to keep Nacha's messaging goals front and center, and created something that will stand out to today's quick-scrolling online audiences.

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