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Converting Content Into Story


If you’re like most organizations, you’re probably swimming in a vast ocean of content. But how do you convert the studies, reports, photos and all of the chachkies into a cohesive message that better tells your story and fits your brand?

The answer? Video.

Helena and I presented on a panel aptly titled, “Why do videos get so much attention?” We spoke at the Council of Manufacturing Association’s Summer Leadership Conference in Chicago.

Video Storytelling

After rattling off a number of pro-video statistics, we spoke more existentially about the qualitative powers of video storytelling. Using a montage of client work as our backdrop, Helena and I explained how videos can help your brand accomplish several goals.

1. Tell A Unique and Compelling Story
Don’t sell your message short. If there’s a story worth telling, enlighten and surprise your audience with original video content.


2. Demonstrate Subject Matter Expertise
There’s no better way to show authority by making a video that discusses a relevant topic to your industry. Comment on a current event or visualize a complex concept. Be creative.


3. Entertain & Educate Audiences At Scale
Show the world that you’re willing to be emotional or have fun. Forget about your logo and make something that’s real and authentic. People might just share it.


Video Strategizing

Of course, there’s already plenty of videos on the web. How do you punch through the noise and intelligently integrate video into your communications strategy? Consider the following.

1. Content Curation
Find and re-post videos related to your business or industry. The Aluminum Association didn’t miss a beat when sharing Weird Al’s parody music video “Foil” on their Facebook page. Show off your meme-literacy and post often!

2. Community Creation
Invite the world to create and submit original video content. GE hosts a 6 Second Science Fair tumblr campaign that has kids and adults directly interacting with their brand in quirky and unexpected ways.


3. Original Content
And when a story is significant enough, find the resources and talent to produce an original video. At the end of the presentation, we premiered a new promotional video for the NAM CMA titled “Connecting the Dots.”


It's a daunting task to find the story in a sea of content, but collaborating with the right partner can allow you to take a much needed step back and see the bigger picture.


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