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COVID-19 Response Videos

COVID Response Videos

We now have six months of global pandemic under our belts. But it’s becoming clear there's still a long way to go before we can come together for a collective sigh of relief. With the initial shock of COVID-19 behind us, now may be a critical moment to honor the members of your community who stepped up to contribute in the fight against COVID-19.

Have you documented your response to COVID-19?

Whether your community collected donations for frontline workers or pivoted to manufacture the critical supplies they need, LAI Video can help you transform your response to coronavirus into an engaging and inspiring video message to share with the public or use as the centerpiece in your next donation or advocacy campaign.

No Kid Hungry 2020 COVID Response

We recently partnered with No Kid Hungry, the national campaign to end childhood hunger, to create a donor thank you video to recognize their supporters. The final video provides an informative and compelling look at the work No Kid Hungry and their partners are doing at a time when a record number of America’s kids are at risk of going without food.  

By seamlessly blending interviews and b-roll we shot at a Washington D.C. area food distribution center with existing video assets and minimal motion graphics, we effortlessly balance several key messaging goals. The final video is a heartfelt thank you to donors. But it also offers a straightforward update on the impact donor support has allowed No Kid Hungry to have during the pandemic. Naturally, the video reaffirms the organization's core mission and culminates with an inspiring call for continued action and support.

We are proud to partner with No Kid Hungry to help them continue to reach their audience with compelling, professional video content. This piece is a powerful example of how LAI Video is safely creating “evergreen” work at a time when it’s more important than ever to show your stakeholders that your organization is in it for the long haul.  

NIB 2020 COVID Response

National Industries for the Blind, another amazing organization and longtime partner, came to us for a concise way to honor the incredible contributions of their members networks.

Across the country, NIB's network of nonprofit organizations employs people who are blind or visually impaired in manufacturing and service roles. And with the arrival of COVID-19, they quickly pivoted to help address the national shortage of home goods and life-saving supplies like face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectants.

Over the years, we're created powerful interview-based campaigns for NIB, but with non-essential travel strictly limited, we needed to take a more nimble approach to bringing NIB's latest message to life.

To do it, our team created a modern graphic treatment, featuring bold color overlays, minimal vector art, and kinetic text that we could use to unify a wide range of assets into a polished and energetic visual message.

The final video marries together professional b-roll and still photography with the truly impressive collection of media coverage that NIB's network has amassed since the start of the pandemic to provide a brief, but powerful, look at how NIB is giving back today.

The video is driven by scripted professional voice over, but we also made sure to translate key points of NIB's COVID response story into visuals. Animated text and understated vector icons make sure viewers will get the message whether they're watching with sound on or scrolling silently on social.

The work of NIB and its member network is always inspiring - and we are extremely proud to partner with them to find new ways to get their message out. In fact, if you're in the Washington metro area, you may have already heard a shorter version of NIB's COVID response story play in the form of a radio spot we created for listening audiences!

Share your COVID-19 story.

Every COVID-19 story is different. Your organization may not be ready to shoot in-person, or your message might translate more effectively in a different medium. We look forward to sharing a handful of other inspiring COVID-19 response stories currently in-production soon, including a powerful industry anthem, an animated explainer, and an executive direct address. Stay tuned for updates!

Now is the moment to tell the world how your organization is stepping up. We’re here to help you find the most effective video to get the word out. Let’s connect!

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