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Create an emotional hook at your awards show


It can be so hard to revive and reenergize awards shows. But this past year our team found a technique that infused ceremonies with the best kind of emotion—happy tears! 

For this amazing project, the DC Ed Fund allowed us to capture the exact moment teachers found out they had been selected as Teachers of the Year. The results are pretty powerful.

Capturing “OMG” moments is just one technique our video team has tapped into to create incredible videos this year. 

More on this style—and many other ideas you can use to get the most out of your video communications campaigns—can be found in our 2018 Annual Manual to Being Good at Video Marketing. If you haven’t downloaded the guide, I encourage you to look through it now.

And let us know if you would be interested in developing your own surprise-style awards show video. We’d be happy to run through more details or pricing with you.

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