Blog: Docu-Marketing in a Fake News World

Docu-Marketing in a Fake News World

Docu-Marketing in a Fake News World Cover

In the heat of fake news, real news, and all the news in between, it's often hard to decipher trusted media sources. 

At LAI Video, our video producers, filmmakers, and editors work extremely hard to ensure our clients' stories are genuinely told - through something we call "Docu-Marketing".

Inspired by media sources like Now This News and Vox Media, Docu-Marketing is an authentic way to tell stories through documentary journalism. 

Last week, The Video Show had LAI Video's James Favata and James Loizou give their take on "Fake News", docu-marketing, and key strategies we use to help our clients tell true and original stories.

Here's a recap of what they covered:

Cast The Right Real-Life People

A huge part of docu-marketing is casting the right people for video interviews. While exclusive executives are always a credible source for brand storytelling, the most accurate information usually comes from everyday employees and personnel that work within the business or organization. 

In efforts to show their support in upholding the tradition of true American journalism, The Washington Times came to us for a promotional video that would shed light on their core journalistic values. Instead of using the normal B-roll and voiceover approach, we took our handheld cameras straight to the newsroom for a natural, authentic feel. We interviewed a couple of pre-selected journalists and editors for some off-script candid shots about their take on the current 'fake news' epidemic, and what their team is doing to combat that. To push it further into the promotional space, we added on a black and white color treatment (with a snazzy red color accent) to mimic their iconic newspaper aesthetic. 

Plot the Perfect Day

Another way to create real-news videos is by exploring known issues in unknown locations. This means giving viewers an insider's perspective that they wouldn't normally see on a day-to-day basis. In conjunction with Blaze TV, we featured four freshman House Republicans, navigating Washington as political outsiders.

Despite the tight media restrictions on Capital Hill, we were able to capture their unique stories with full transparency - well, as transparent you can get with an entire camera crew. We used our 'Day In The Life' approach, by following our subjects throughout their day. 

Whether you're a trade association looking to promote your brand identity, or a government organization advocating an idea, LAI Video is the ultimate expert in telling real (NOT fake) news.


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