Blog: #DocumentEverything



Our cultural climate is obsessed with documentation. We exist in a world fueled by a Facebook post/Instagram pic mentality of ‘seeing is believing’. Today, the proof is in the Picture. Without proper documentation, a moment, an event, an experience fades out of existence.

And for me, the phrase ‘Document Everything’ runs more than just skin deep. I think I may have 3 of the most recorded children on the planet. I create mini docs from footage of every major family event. Here’s one of my faves↴


At LAI Video we use moving pictures to create mini documentaries to give each event a life of its own. Every event has an energy, story, or theme, and LAI Video digs deep to deliver honest, artful documentation. Here’s a recent event doc that we produced on-site at AWHONN’s annual convention↴

So capture each moment and always be closing documenting.


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