Blog: Don't Stop Halfway!

Don't Stop Halfway!


While we take great pride in finding the story through thoughtful interviews or carefully scripted messaging, sometimes a “content cut” just isn’t enough. After all, this is a piece of your marketing communication. Your brand. It needs to not only appear fully-realized and credible, but it also needs to tell your viewers “Hey, this is going to be worth your time!”

We’ve put together some before-and-after renderings that juxtapose the perfectly adequate content cuts with their final forms that embrace a variety of animated techniques.

Before & After: Illustrations

To tell the story of Emmitt Nelson, we wanted to go back in time to show how one idea forever transformed an industry. Working with a talented graphic illustrator, we carefully storyboarded vivid visuals to Emmitt’s commentary. The result is a stunning “origin story” that immortalizes a living legend.  

Before & After: Rotoscoping

To tell the story of ASAE’s storytellers, we developed a “storybook” motif. Not only do watercolor images splash into frame and reinforce specific talking points, but the interviewees themselves are rotoscoped with a frame-by-frame filtering process. The result is a seamless integration of real life people and real life concepts.  

Before & After: Janky Graphics

And to tell the story of NRF’s Loss Prevention professionals, we took a straightforward recitation of the “Protect Manifesto” and added some serious composite animation. Complete with a dope beat, these graphics emulate “cyber” imagery and remind retailers that while this profession is being disrupted, its professionals are still sworn to protect.  

Talk to us about leveling-up your idea, and taking it all the way. 

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