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Ending 2018 With Mood


TO 2018.

With nothing but our creative grit and marketing gut, LAI Video partnered with some extraordinary organizations to move people. To physically and spiritually take them to new places. To new perspectives.

This year, we found ourselves in the middle of a motorcycle gang and inside the belly of the swamp.

We honored teachers.


And pests.

We followed hard working Americans, like the folks that make our buildings.

And preserve our history.

And farm our whiskey.

We traveled the country to end childhood hunger and made a feature-length documentary that will save lives.

We were humbly showered with festival selections and industry awards.

While [humbly] supporting colleagues looking to new adventures.

And, amongst the pitches and renders and deadlines, life continued.

Three team members were married!

Four babies were born!!

And we move on.

TO 2019.

Thank you to our fans and partners.

We hope you let us move you next year.


As you head home for the holidays, we hope you return in the new year feeling refreshed and ready to make a lasting impact again in 2019.

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