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Essential Video Content: Pre-Recorded Content


Virtual events. Has this phrase lost all meaning yet? With COVID comfortably sticking around, so are these online alternatives for your in-person conferences. 

But how do you pull off a good virtual experience? How do you keep your audience’s attention while they are expected to do their job, be a parent and, you know, survive a pandemic? 

The answer: pre-record everything

As we plan and produce virtual events with our sister company, LAI Live, we find that pre-recording as much content as possible — keynote speeches, executive addresses, lively panel discussions — helps you create a tightly-controlled, higher-produced, and lower-risk experiences for your attendee— err… viewers. 


Whether you’re talking about a dozen or a hundred concurrent sessions, our team of virtual producers schedules all recording sessions to best direct the talent on delivering a well-framed, well-presented lecture for the small screen. 

Partnering the McChrystal Group, we re-edited previously-recorded at-home lectures with themes, on-screen questions and a professional narrator.

With post-production, we’ll wrap the content in branded, event graphics, edit out gaffes, cut away to existing slides, or create new visuals altogether! And if you’re looking to seriously elevate a particular address, we’ll develop original animation to illustrate the speaker’s stories for truly lasting, evergreen content.

All of this content is also ready-made for polished, pre-vetted on-demand viewing immediately following the event.

Of course, something from your virtual event should truly be live, including speaker Q&A, networking sessions, and interactive breakouts. But for everything else, let’s pre-record. 

Ready to talk about your next video?

During these hard times, we may be separated, but we’re far from alone. If you have an idea, an ask, a favor — contact us. 

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