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Essential Video Marketing: Industry Rally Cry


There’s no doubt about it: the current climate has presented companies and organizations with unprecedented challenges. While some industries have been affected more than others, all have encountered obstacles that have forced them to rethink how they operate and adapt to a “new normal.”

Despite these difficulties, entire industries have shown incredible fortitude – and what their communities have accomplished is nothing short of remarkable. As people have come together as an industry, they’ve been able to think creatively, support one another, and make profound contributions to the common good. And to consumers, elected officials, partners, and the public, how industries are meeting the moment is more important than ever before. 

So why not share how your industry is rising to the occasion?


LAI Video recently did just that for the meetings and events industry, which has been impacted from top to bottom by the global health crisis. Bringing together thought leaders in the space, behind-the-scenes footage, and sharp messaging, our video, Until We Meet Again, celebrates the community’s dedication, resilience, and hard work and inspires those within it to stay motivated through the uncertainty.

No matter the obstacles facing your industry, bringing your greatest influencers and leaders together can help to inspire your audience and share a powerful message – even if it’s delivered from the comfort (and safety) of their own homes. By showing how your industry stands united and committed to improving the world, an anthem video will ignite and motivate your customers, partners, and the public to support your industry, people and mission. As viewers see your community’s hard work, impact, and vision of the future, they will understand how your industry will become stronger than ever before.


Are you looking to highlight the mission, resilience, and impact of your organization or industry? Do you have a powerful message or story just waiting to be shared?

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