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Essential Video Marketing: Re-Identify Your Industry


The current climate has come with unparalleled challenges, but also opportunities for people, organizations, and whole industries to meet the moment. 

From providing essential goods and services to shining a light amidst the uncertainty, we’ve partnered with organizations to roll out new identity and even rebranding messages that show industries being a source for good in the community. 

A Brand That’s Very Much Alive and Kicking

We were honored to help the American Industrial Hygiene Association rebrand to simply “AIHA.” At the association’s virtual convention in June, they debuted a completely new brand that continues to represent industrial hygienists, but now also extends to occupational health and safety science professionals, too. 

At the center of this debut was our “unveiling” video, a behind-the-scenes look at this branding evolution. In addition to featuring AIHA leadership, we invited participants from our ongoing series, I Am IH, to join the conversation about the rebrand—showing that the industry's future leaders not only endorse this repositioning, but also remain committed to the organization’s lasting legacy: to ensure Healthier Workplaces and A Healthier World. 

Rebranding With a Taste of Our Own Medicine

We also partnered with the Consumer Healthcare Products Association to roll out their new vision for a more inclusive industry. In addition to representing over-the-counter medicines, their coalition has comfortably broadened to include medical devices and other consumer healthcare products. 


As with AIHA, our video was the centerpiece for the rebranding, which included association leadership plainly explaining the need to change. Featuring a number of scenes with our own team members at home living happy, healthy lives, LAI Video was excited to literally bring to life CHPA’s new mantra, “Taking healthcare personally.”

If you’re looking to redefine or refocus your organization’s commitment to its membership or the public, we’d be happy to share more ideas. 

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