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Essential Video Marketing Tips


We get it: there’s a lot to consider when planning a virtual event. From choosing a platform to prepping remote speakers and content, virtual events involve logistics that may feel unfamiliar. Additionally, you also want to make sure that consumers know that you're a top contender within your industry. Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of essential video marketing techniques to make the most of your in-person or virtual event:

Industry Rally Cry

There’s no doubt about it: the current climate has presented companies and organizations with unprecedented challenges. While some industries have been affected more than others, all have encountered obstacles that have forced them to rethink how they operate and adapt to a “new normal.”

Despite these difficulties, entire industries have shown incredible fortitude – and what their communities have accomplished is nothing short of remarkable. As people have come together as an industry, they’ve been able to think creatively, support one another, and make profound contributions to the common good. And to consumers, elected officials, partners, and the public, how industries are meeting the moment is more important than ever before. 

So why not share how your industry is rising to the occasion?

LAI Video recently did just that for the meetings and events industry, which has been impacted from top to bottom by the global health crisis. Bringing together thought leaders in the space, behind-the-scenes footage, and sharp messaging, our video, Until We Meet Again, celebrates the community’s dedication, resilience, and hard work and inspires those within it to stay motivated through the uncertainty.

No matter the obstacles facing your industry, bringing your greatest influencers and leaders together can help to inspire your audience and share a powerful message – even if it’s delivered from the comfort (and safety) of their own homes. By showing how your industry stands united and committed to improving the world, an anthem video will ignite and motivate your customers, partners, and the public to support your industry, people and mission. As viewers see your community’s hard work, impact, and vision of the future, they will understand how your industry will become stronger than ever before.

Re-Identify Your Industry

The current climate has come with unparalleled challenges, but also opportunities for people, organizations, and whole industries to meet the moment. 

From providing essential goods and services to shining a light amidst the uncertainty, we’ve partnered with organizations to roll out new identity and even rebranding messages that show industries being a source for good in the community. 

A Brand That’s Very Much Alive and Kicking

We were honored to help the American Industrial Hygiene Association rebrand to simply “AIHA.” At the association’s virtual convention in June, they debuted a completely new brand that continues to represent industrial hygienists, but now also extends to occupational health and safety science professionals, too. 

At the center of this debut was our “unveiling” video, a behind-the-scenes look at this branding evolution. In addition to featuring AIHA leadership, we invited participants from our ongoing series, I Am IH, to join the conversation about the rebrand—showing that the industry's future leaders not only endorse this repositioning, but also remain committed to the organization’s lasting legacy: to ensure Healthier Workplaces and A Healthier World. 

Rebranding With a Taste of Our Own Medicine

We also partnered with the Consumer Healthcare Products Association to roll out their new vision for a more inclusive industry. In addition to representing over-the-counter medicines, their coalition has comfortably broadened to include medical devices and other consumer healthcare products. 

As with AIHA, our video was the centerpiece for the rebranding, which included association leadership plainly explaining the need to change. Featuring a number of scenes with our own team members at home living happy, healthy lives, LAI Video was excited to literally bring to life CHPA’s new mantra, “Taking healthcare personally.”

If you’re looking to redefine or refocus your organization’s commitment to its membership or the public, we’d be happy to share more ideas. 

Industry Advocacy

With our health and jobs influenced by looming landmark legislation, bolster your advocacy efforts with clear messaging that presents your industry’s services and people as essential to the nation’s recovery. 

How many jobs make up your industry? What's its direct and indirect economic contribution? How do your companies support the front-line effort? With sharp scripting and compelling visuals, illustrate how your industry fits into the larger health and financial crisis.

Our team quickly produces ads optimized for targeting specific audiences on a variety of social platforms. Create 30 or 60-second spots that make your case to policy-makers or inform your membership and partners about crucial updates. 

As we’ve done for the National Association of Chain Drug Stores and the Edison Electric Institute, we continue to work with associations to develop concise advocacy messaging that does right by the communities that they serve.

Return to the Office PSA

As McDonald’s released its 59-page(!) document about the rules for reopening during a pandemic, organizations are looking to video to communicate clear health guidelines as employees return to the office. 

Work with our producers to create a lasting HR message that addresses employees' most pressing FAQ's about office cleanliness, capacity, and more. 

We’ll script custom content to be distributed internally before office doors officials reopen, as well digital signage to loop on in-office monitors throughout the day. 

We produced this Survival Guide PSA: Quarantine Edition that uses retro graphics and a little bit of humor to provide important information to staff about remaining mentally and physically safe while staying at home. 

Help limit the confusion and angst of “Phase 1” with smart, meaningful messaging that puts your employees first.

Attendee Virtual Orientation

So you and your team can Zoom like the best of them. And you’ve even started to host your first virtual meetings! But what about your signature conferences and conventions? 

As companies convert their big-live events to big-virtual ones, they’re leaning on video to help set attendee expectations and answer a few questions along the way.

Work with our producers to create quick “orientation videos” that highlight basic interface features, preview the platform itself and offer suggestions for how attendees can make the most of their one-of-a-kind, virtual experience. 

With a well-produced video sent in advance, you reassure audience members that they are not just joining some make-shift meeting — they are about to experience something that should be even more special in this once-in-a-lifetime circumstance. 

We've combined our experience making flashy event commercials and informative software tutorials to put your virtual attendees at ease. Check out this orientation video for our own Plan V series. Released one day before the event, we were able to excite attendees while informing them of the top five "tips" they should know about the platform.

Event Promo

While the day-of-event details may be at top of mind, it is just as important to promote your event beforehand. Because when using a new event format, prospective attendees will want to know that your event is still happening — and what they can expect.

Besides, live streamed events are inherently on-screen experiences – even when they’re conducted virtually. So why not tease your remote, hybrid, or in-person event with a video, and give viewers a taste of the program to come! 

From the sprawling world of commercial real estate to the wide-open plains of the West, LAI Video has been honored to partner with organizations to help promote their events and bring their communities together.

The Fast-Paced Commercial: NAIOP’s CRE.Converge Virtual 

As a cutting-edge leader in the commercial real estate industry, NAIOP certainly won’t let the current climate deter it from hosting its premier fall event, CRE.Converge. Staying true to its motto of deals, connections, and trends, our team produced a fast-paced commercial that touts the event as a can’t-miss experience. Featuring hard-hitting typography, dynamic industry b-roll, and a thumping musical score, the high-energy promo evokes an invaluable and unforgettable conference. 

The Platform Experience: CSG West’s 73rd Annual Meeting

When the Council of State Government’s West approached us to produce a promotional video for its annual meeting, they also sought to stay true to the organization’s spirit and that of the professional community it serves. Driven by conversational scripting and an upbeat voice-over narrator, the video positions the platform experience front-and-center to highlight opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration. Featuring photos of speakers, members, and past events, the content-rich promo reinforces that the conference is all about what makes the West, the West – even as it’s moved online. 

As events have gone virtual, it’s important for organizations to reinforce how they remain deeply committed to their mission and community. Through a promotional video that highlights your event’s value and speaks to the spirit of your organization and those it serves, viewers will understand how their attendance will prepare them to take on the priorities of the present and the challenges and opportunities of the future. 

And if you’re feeling ambitious, you can help attendees get the most out of your event with a virtual orientation video, or remind them of their once-in-a-lifetime experience with a virtual event recap that leaves a lasting impression and motivates them to return next year.

Event Recap

The event recap video has long been one of LAI Video's signature offerings. Year after year, we've sent small, multi-talented crews to capture the big experiences of a live event, and quickly produce—often overnight—powerful "recap" videos that distill all the most powerful moments into an inspiring video experience.

There's no better way to market, celebrate, and share the value and excitement your events generate.

And that holds for today's virtual, hybrid, or in-person meetings. Big events making the switch to virtual, like Cannes Lions and Apple's WWDC20, are taking full advantage of the unique content filling their schedules – and using it to build high-energy highlight reels that sell the value of their experiences.

In a similar fashion, we recently partnered with NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, to recap the experience of their typically in-person I.CON event.

To do it, we logged in and started screen-recording as the event went live – and we captured a little bit of everything. Not just the keynotes, roundtable discussions, and virtual walkthroughs, we wanted it all – the live chat sidebar, sponsor placement, and networking pages where NAIOP's virtual content lived.

This gave us plenty of b-roll to document the event experience. We then built our narrative from powerful soundbites and remotely captured attendee testimonials. But, as you can see in this first content cut, something was missing.

While the typical event videography company might stop at that, we wanted to capture more than the what and the where of NAIOP's program. To evoke all the energy and innovation of the I.CON experience, we brought in our animators to add a new visual layer to the recap. Using polished motion design and custom graphic containers brought new energy to the screen capture – allowing us to create more motion, more life, and a sense of discovery that all great events provide attendees. 

Take a look at the finished product:

Additionally, take a look at the event recap video we put together for the most recent installment of our Plan V Series - Plan V - The Hybrid Homerun: Go Big and Go Home.

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