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Essential Video Marketing: Virtual Event Promo


We get it: there’s a lot to consider when planning a virtual event. From choosing a platform to prepping remote speakers and content, virtual events involve logistics that may feel unfamiliar. 

While the day-of-event details may be at top of mind, it is just as important to promote your event beforehand. Because when using a new event format, prospective attendees will want to know that your event is still happening — and what they can expect.

Besides, live streamed events are inherently on-screen experiences – even when they’re conducted virtually. So why not tease your remote event with a video, and give viewers a taste of the remote program to come! 

From the sprawling world of commercial real estate to the wide-open plains of the West, LAI Video has been honored to partner with organizations to help promote their virtual events and bring their communities together remotely.

The Fast-Paced Commercial: NAIOP’s CRE.Converge Virtual 

As a cutting-edge leader in the commercial real estate industry, NAIOP certainly won’t let the current climate deter it from hosting its premier fall event, CRE.Converge. Staying true to its motto of deals, connections, and trends, our team produced a fast-paced commercial that touts the event as a can’t-miss experience. Featuring hard-hitting typography, dynamic industry b-roll, and a thumping musical score, the high-energy promo evokes an invaluable and unforgettable conference. 

The Platform Experience: CSG West’s 73rd Annual Meeting

When the Council of State Government’s West approached us to produce a promotional video for its annual meeting, they also sought to stay true to the organization’s spirit and that of the professional community it serves. Driven by conversational scripting and an upbeat voice-over narrator, the video positions the platform experience front-and-center to highlight opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration. Featuring photos of speakers, members, and past events, the content-rich promo reinforces that the conference is all about what makes the West, the West – even as it’s moved online. 

As events have gone virtual, it’s important for organizations to reinforce how they remain deeply committed to their mission and community. Through a promotional video that highlights your event’s value and speaks to the spirit of your organization and those it serves, viewers will understand how their attendance will prepare them to take on the priorities of the present and the challenges and opportunities of the future. 

And if you’re feeling ambitious, you can help attendees get the most out of your event with a virtual orientation video, or remind them of their once-in-a-lifetime experience with a virtual event recap that leaves a lasting impression and motivates them to return next year.

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