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Essential Video Marketing: Virtual Event Recap


The event recap video has long been one of LAI Video's signature offerings. Year after year, we've sent small, multi-talented crews to capture the big experiences of a live event, and quickly produce—often overnight—powerful "recap" videos that distill all the most powerful moments into an inspiring video experience.

There's no better way to market, celebrate, and share the value and excitement your events generate.

And that holds for today's virtual meetings. Big events making the switch to virtual, like this year's Cannes Lions and Apple's WWDC20, are taking full advantage of the unique content filling their virtual schedules – and using it to build high-energy highlight reels that sell the value of their virtual experiences.

In a similar fashion, we recently partnered with NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, to recap the experience of their typically in-person I.CON event.

To do it, we logged in and started screen-recording as the event went live – and we captured a little bit of everything. Not just the keynotes, roundtable discussions, and virtual walkthroughs, we wanted it all – the live chat sidebar, sponsor placement, and networking pages where NAIOP's virtual content lived.

This gave us plenty of b-roll to document the event experience. We then built our narrative from powerful soundbites and remotely captured attendee testimonials. But, as you can see in this first content cut, something was missing.

While the typical event videography company might stop at that, we wanted to capture more than the what and the where of NAIOP's program. To evoke all the energy and innovation of the I.CON experience, we brought in our animators to add a new visual layer to the recap. Using polished motion design and custom graphic containers brought new energy to the screen capture – allowing us to create more motion, more life, and a sense of discovery that all great events provide attendees. 

Take a look at the finished product:



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