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February Update: A Short Month with Big Dreams


Here’s the update on a few notable projects and few notable blogs coming out of our video shop.

News Flash: Scripts Can Be Fun!


Inspired by Cartoon Network’s old school animations, this new commercial for CropLife America envisions cowboy bugs riding on the backsides of rats. The spot bridges that pesky gap between farmland crop protection and consumer-grade pesticides.

Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em


Using high-speed photography and smoke, we directed a fighter profile for Bounce TV and an upcoming boxing match with Rau’shee “Baby Pit” Warren. The slow-mo' promo was shot at DC's historic Headbangers boxing gym.

We Animate Things Like “Insurance”


We partnered with the American Council of Life Insurers on an animated spot that deploys a parachute motif for safely avoiding “life’s surprises.” The video speaks to a younger demographic while touting the industry's overall economic impact.

The Not Best Video Practices to Know


I led a video workshop at ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference, offering a nerd’s perspective to the latest trends in video marketing. From recruiting in-house talent to identifying the right approach, the three-hour bootcamp served as a primer for any marketer looking for answers to the always-changing video questions.

The “Make Me That!” Dilemma


We ponder about the tempting pitfall for clients pointing to videos and saying, “Make me that!” While we buildup our portfolio as a Pinterest-type inspiration board, it’s important to remind new partners that we’re completely dedicated to producing something entirely new.

We’ll Decode Your Toughest Concepts


Cat takes us back to the beginning of the robust ITI Decodes animated series — a collaborative endeavor that stills has us visualizing some very abstract concepts.

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