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Film Your Remote Interviews, In-Person(?)!

Film Your Remote Interviews in Person

It’s incredible to think back on the evolution of video production over the past 8 months. We’ve had the privilege of helping our partners adapt their video marketing campaigns and event content to a completely remote production environment, even helped them share what they have been doing in response to the pandemic. And we’ve made some pretty powerful videos in the process, while offering tips on how to level-up your videos for virtual events.

But as we enter the home stretch of 2020, we are exploring the next stage of COVID-era video creation. One where we continue to leverage remote video tools, but increasingly pair them with professional cameras and lighting equipment that really stand-out to Zoom-weary viewers (who, let’s face it, already spend too much of their time on video conference calls). Enhancing videos not only ups the level of the video itself, but can also up the level of your virtual meeting, by incorporating things such as graphics into your live event or engaging with sponsors.

So here are a few options to consider for your next one-on-one video interview or group panel.

Remote Interview, Professionally Filmed on One End

For this remote interview, we effortlessly introduced a professional setup for a remote interview, featuring the veteran king of late night, Jay Leno, from his famous garage.

Jay Leno AAOMS

This is a great solution for grounding your content within the limitations of the pandemic, while still going the extra mile to put a special guest or members of your leadership team in the best light possible.

Remote Interview, Professionally Filmed on Both Ends

Another increasingly common format, this method keeps the remote technology in the scene, but uses professional production at both locations.

The result is a completely polished presentation that remains true to the moment, without any of the draw backs of low-quality streaming audio and video.

Remote Panel, Professionally Filmed on All Ends

Of course, there’s no rule limiting you to the one-on-one interview format. In fact, we’ve seen some impressively complex feats of remote video production this year. Take the 2020 Democratic convention for example. Elevating a special roundtable or leadership panel could be an amazing way to top off the schedule at your next big virtual event. Or check out this group discussion created to hype Hollywood’s next epic movie franchise, Dune.

It’s a Zoom grid like you’ve never seen before, yet every participant is carefully and professionally filmed at each end point. While your panel might not feature quite as many A-list players, there’s no reason you can’t follow the same recipe to create something truly unforgettable, and evergreen, for your audience.

In-person Interview, Filmed in Socially Distanced Space

And, if your on-camera personalities can be in the same room, in-person filming is still the best option for a dynamic conversation (while adhering to industry safety guidelines). Since resuming in-person filming, we recently captured this socially-distanced interview with some long lenses in a long room. The close-up shots were edited together into a thoughtful, 60 Minutes-style account reminiscent of interviews from the "before times."

Do you have a pivotal interview or group conversation that needs something more than a Zoom recording? Let’s talk options.

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