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Filming During A Pandemic? Here Are 5 Things We Can Do Right Now!


As we enter “Phase 1” and “Phase 2,” our partners are eager to learn what new options are available with live action filming. LAI Video remains committed to providing sensible, safe, and creative new ways to tell your story. As you develop and revisit your video marketing needs, consider these options: 


1. Remote Filming

For months, we’ve all endured the new age of TV, watching our favorite cast reunions via video conferencing. Is it good? I guess. Is it safe? Absolutely. Since we’ve grounded our cinematographers, the go-to replacement for in-person filming has been remote recordings conducted from the talent’s home. Our producers help direct and troubleshoot to get the best possible video and audio quality, backdrop, and performance. Uniquely coupled with our motion graphics, this will remain one of the most efficient and reliable ways to deliver human-based content for the foreseeable future.

Remote Filming

2. At-Home B-roll

Looking for custom, cinematic, non-talking-head footage to support your video message? Our cinematographers have featured their own homes, families, and whatever is in reach for gorgeous, slow-motion b-roll. Bike riding? Putting on Band-Aids? Playing basketball? We’ll comfortably direct our own team members for professional sequences using nothing but our cinematographer’s eye (and our high-end cameras). These types of visuals pair perfectly with professional narration and can help make for lasting, evergreen content.

At-Home B-Roll

3. LAI Video Talent

Need a wonderfully diverse and terribly good-looking group of millennials or zoomers to speak to the kids? Our team has been cast as on-camera talent, too, for very specific messaging. From web tutorials to student outreach, we’ve demonstrated and danced our way through a variety of ads and explainers in need of some levity (and a touch of weird). Like the best YouTubers and TikTokers, our team has the at-home filming and editing expertise to present themselves better than most paid talent or traditional “actors.”

LAI Video talent

4. Studio Filming

LAI Video’s black-box studio is open upon request for filming direct address messages and interviews with one participant at a time. Following the most up-to-date social distancing and production guidelines, our team will beautifully light and record your talent while maintaining a safe distance. Prior to the shoot, our producer will go over safety requirements and set expectations for filming with as few personnel as possible (that includes craft services, sorry!).

Studio Shoot

5. Outdoor Filming

And while we are still avoiding crowded, indoor interiors (for now), the great outdoors offer plenty of opportunities to capture high-quality content with high-quality backdrops (and we mean no offense to your high-quality home office bookshelf!). Whether we’re interviewing someone outside of their house or capturing documentary-style sequences of people in action, our team will adapt its award-winning cinematography to safely recreate the kinds of day-in-the-life, Netflix-inspired stories that we all know and miss so dearly.

Outdoor Filming

Of course, these options will continue to expand as we return to "normal" times. But if you have a crazy thought, let’s talk. And if you have a really crazy thought, let’s do animation

Because that’s always a thing.

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