Blog: First Annual LAI Video Video Awards

First Annual LAI Video Video Awards


This has been a fantastic year for LAI Video. The program’s growth is rivaled only by its portfolio of quality work. Every year, we make it our mission to out-do our previous benchmarks, and with a masterful team of video-makers, 2014 continued this trend. 

While we received many awards this year, LAI Video now recognizes its own excellence in both video product and team members through the following distinct awards.


Jack the Ripper
Excellence in Editing
The New NRF
Jun Young Yang

Editing is often taken for granted when compared to beautiful videography or fancy animation, but it remains a crucial component to every video. The best edited videos can even go unnoticed, like blinking or breathing. Jun Yang's The New NRF seamlessly blinks and breathes and merges somewhat distinctive parts into a whole organism. Taking interviews from different departments and b-roll from a year's worth of video content, Jun cut to the heart of this ultimate identity piece.


The Architect
Excellence in Project Direction

ISRI Video Series
Anthony Jacoway

Sometimes, a single producer can’t physically make every video in a series. In times of simultaneous video production, it becomes crucial for keen creative oversight. In his first official assignment, newest hire Anthony Jacoway not only produced a beautiful animation for ISRI, but also concurrently directed two other videos for the trilogy. Working closely with two animators, the team quickly created a full-blown video series that this particular client could roll out at once.

Excellence in Attitude

Staff Superlative
Dannie Ranck

Working in the video production industry can be grueling. It’s not for the faint of heart or the easily-frustrated. Working with LAI for over a year, Dannie Ranck is an essential fixture to the company's marketing demands. Dannie proves that she has the spirit and dedication to withstand the most intense of deadlines, all while keeping a smile. 

The Mickey Mouse
Excellence in Animation
Life of a Payment
Sean Kimber

From Pixar to Prezi, the term “animation” can mean many different things. At LAI Video, we celebrate the art of movement, and no one demonstrated that better than Sean Kimber through his Electronic Transactions Trilogy. We’ll specifically call out the first act: Life of a Payment. Sean gracefully spins smart phones, dissects credit cards and builds a planet of pastels that ultimately educates the viewer on the power of electronic payments. 

The Organizer
Excellence in Project Management
Staff Superlative
Emma Mankey Hidem

As our individual videos become more complex, it’s imperative that each project is managed with relentless organization and an all-knowing eye. As our newest project manager, Emma Mankey Hidem sees and foresees every possible scenario for a video. From an increase in scope to delayed client feedback or technical errors, Emma’s reliable organization keeps projects on time and allows her to respond to the unpredictable. 


The Lipstick
Excellence in Design
The Economics of Metals
Tiffany Lewis

There can never be too much good design in the world. Even dense data reports can use a visual overhaul, and Tiffany Lewis’s video adaption of an economic contribution study proved that anything can be made beautiful. Creating her own palette and style guide, Tiffany designed an entire world of scraps and triangles from the ground-up. Not only did she illustrate beautiful statistics, but she also revealed to viewers that our communities are literally and physically made of metals.


The Tissue Box
Excellence in Interviews
Volunteers in Action
Kate Kelly

Video can be one of the finest ways to show and elicit emotion. At LAI Video, we have a less-than-official competition to bring interviewees to tears. No one exceeded this cry-count better than Kate Kelly, as she found humanity in this Volunteers in Action tribute. Showcasing the giving-back side of loss prevention personnel, Kate's interviewing prowess revealed the motivations behind these often thankless heroes. 


The Mighty Pen
Excellence in Scriptwriting
How to Speak
Rob Kramer


A video can only be as strong as its original concept or physical script. These words will not only inspire the video production, but they can also be rewarded in their own right. This year, we recognize Rob Kramer’s How to Speak for its brilliant adaptation of what was previously a webinar. With a little bit of wit, humor and sincerity, Rob created one of our most entertaining scripts.

LAI Video Video of the Year
Excellence in Everything
How to Speak
Rob Kramer

When every component of a video seamlessly blends together, it can be a magical thing. Rob Kramer’s How to Speak does just that, racking up the second and final LAI Video Video Award for 2014. Produced for the National Retail Federation, this informational video articulates the top “dos and don’ts” for public speaking. This video is saturated with Rob’s personality through its razor-sharp animation, sassy script and pop culture references to boot. How to Speak also shows off our company’s core strengths: quality storytelling through both video production and public speaking.

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