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From Hairnets to Hardhats


This Spring sure has been a busy one for the LAI Video team! We have logged 30 days of shooting in 6 states and traveled almost 7,000 miles by air and 700 miles by car – all since the beginning of March. We have filmed amongst the palm trees in Amelia Island, Florida, navigated the Big Easy and Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, and stood in the shadows of Churchill Down in Louisville, Kentucky. We donned hairnets at a commercial bakery in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and hardhats at a fractionation plant in Hopedale, Ohio. From awards videos and anniversary pieces, to corporate case studies and event recaps, we really have seen it all this Spring. And in the next two months, we’ll be venturing to at least 7 additional states with 31 days of shooting and logging almost 10,000 miles – with more shoots booking up every day! 


With a team of 8 people (and still growing!), we have one or two people traveling almost every week. While we always have the option to work with our network of external videographers across the country, we do whatever it takes to send our crew to ensure that the footage is consistent with our clients’ creative vision and the reputation we’ve built as LAI Video. Our out-of-town shoots usually involve long hours and endless caffeine, but we love every waking minute! Being on-site and behind the camera allows our editors to write the story in their head before the footage even reaches their desk. They become more involved and more attached to the finished piece after watching the story unfold in front of their eyes. 


We truly enjoy all of the unique places we get to visit on behalf of our clients, and love seeing the country from behind a lens.

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