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The GIF Renaissance


It's official. LAI Video's visual marketers are bona fide sticker artists. No lie. It's a real thing! We're ready to make more and help our partners put them to good use.

The internet has spawned a very special visual shorthand for people and brands to use on virtually every social platform. Think memes, hashtags, emoji and, most recently, stickers.

What's a sticker? This is a sticker ↓

They're GIFs. Animated frames of video or artwork that loop endlessly. And more than 69% of consumers report using them frequently in personal conversations. But, before you say, been there, done that, there's a difference.


The first is transparency - the empty space, or transparent pixels, surrounding De’von that help make him, well, stickable. With transparency, a GIF can be easily added to a video or image on your Instagram story to give your brand a quick flash of millennial jazz hands.

screen_04 screen_05

The second is Giphy. Giphy is an online platform that hosts stickers and integrates them into Instagram stories in an absurdly searchable way. That's the real magic. Giphy makes it easy for other users to find your stickers, add them to their own stories and share them.

ig_search_01 ig_search_02

Give your advocates the opportunity to share your message ↑



Big name brands like Absolut Vodka, Red Bull, Jolly Rancher, Gucci, T-Mobile, Malibu Rum, Benefit Cosmetics, Essie and PepsiCo, are using stickers to make social campaigns more relevant and engaging.

But the real value is being part of the conversation. Users are searching for stickers to help them express themselves online every day. Stickers are an easy way to establish a presence organically in the digital lives of billions of social media users around the globe. Particularly if you're seeking to engage the next generation. No promotion or paid posts required.


This sticker of Tiffany ↑ was already viewed over half a million times! That's half a million times an Instagrammer, Facebooker or Snapchatter (and many others) considered using our to say something, inviting our brand to a part of their personal message. Pretty amazing.

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