Blog: Give a Hand For Patrick

Give a Hand For Patrick


LAI Video is excited to announce a new addition to the video team: Patrick Fitzsimmons. Patrick hails from Connecticut and New York and is a recent grad from JMU (making him the sixth alumni from the School of Media Arts and Design).

In college, he ran the video department for the school’s newspaper The Breeze, sharpening his editorial powers and storytelling expertise. While we’re still getting to know the guy (we don't even have an official photo!), Patrick appears to be a relentless worker and avid TV consumer, comfortably making him one of the gang. 

 As our Multimedia Editor, Patrick will work closely with some of our favorite internal clients, like Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau and LAI Video itself. He’ll be seen at our offices working hand-in-hand with both the video program and LAI’s proper marketing department, when not rubbing elbows [while micing] some very high-profile speakers.

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