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Giving Sponsors Screen-Time (While Keeping Control of Your Event)

Giving Sponsors Screen-Time (While Keeping Control of Your Event)

Oh boy. We’re still producing virtual events. And until we return to a world of in-person meetings — filled with big signs, unmissable lanyards and branded bags full of branded chotskies — finding worthwhile sponsorship opportunities for your partners can be… limiting. 

With your event experience being confined to the screen, we at LAI Video naturally have a few ideas on giving your sponsors notable recognition while keeping tight control of the run of show. Consider these:

  1. The Sponsor Panel

    Give your sponsors screen time (gasp!) by inviting spokespeople to join quick, highly-edited one-on-one or roundtable discussions. For CEO Update’s regular webinar event, a pre-recorded message from Editor-in-Chief, Lynn McNutt, kicks-off the show by asking a few pointed questions to sponsors. You know, relevant stuff. Topics directly tied to that meeting’s subject. With sharp editing, music and some motion graphics, we built a "mini show” before the main show — it’s engaging, interesting and positions your sponsors as a thought leaders. 

  2. The Sponsor Commercial

    Lately, virtual events look less like traditional annual meetings and more like TV programming. Consider breaking up your content with honest-to-goodness commercial breaks. Offer your sponsors 30-second ad time to be distributed throughout an awards show or multi-hour, multi-day webcast. The commercials themselves can be variations of spots that sponsors have “in the can,” or new messaging that is somehow more thematically relevant to your meeting. For the Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute’s Leadership Forum, we produced a commercial for the association itself — a completely self-contained ad touting new membership benefits that played right in the middle of their State of the Association report. 

  3. The Sponsor Loop

    And the more passive, but still effective sponsor loop can be a wonderful visual “filler” to play on your screen just before or after a virtual session. With graphic flourish (and maybe some housekeeping or trivia notices), these roll calls are often accompanied by music and serve as a subtle reminder to viewers that your computer is not frozen — the event will begin momentarily. Check out our sponsor loop for the National Retail Federation Foundation’s annual Honors event, which played for an in-person gala across the street. While videos like these will likely not be gracing Times Square’s digital billboards anytime soon, the same basic principle applies — give that sponsor logo some love and a few seconds in the spotlight.

Start Incorporating Sponsors Into Your Virtual Event

Do you have other ideas to give your virtual sponsors recognition? Let’s brainstorm! Additionally, check out our blog on ways to engage with sponsors in a virtual world to get more ideas.

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