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Guys, We Have a New LAI Video Website


Guys. LAI Video just got a new website, and it’s the best one we’ve ever had. Technically, it’s the second one we’ve ever had, but at least things are moving in the right direction!

Top Three Features

1. Story Time
This site delivers deep dives into our favorite work that we’ve produced with some amazing partners. On each portfolio page, go behind the scenes and learn about the problems, proposals and processes for making marketing magic (with pictures and everything!).

2. Save Some for Later
You can brainstorm against a renewed selection of Portfolio and Blog posts. There’s enough creative ammunition here to impress your team when talking about the next communications campaign. Be sure to “Favorite” your favorites (it’s like adding to cart).

3. It’s All About Video
We’ve moved to a new video platform that delivers gorgeous, full-screen HD playback. Grab some leftover Halloween candy and binge through our best videos.

LAI Video Website​​​​​​​

Staying Trendy

The design itself was inspired by some of our favorite websites online today. Working with Blue Fountain Media, we tried to build something that was unique, but still adhered  to the top design trends of 2016 (and beyond!).

1. Behind the Background Video
Prominently featured on the homepage, we use b-roll as a background element. Nothing too distracting, but something that immediately shows viewers, “Hey, we do videos!”

2. The Big Picture(s)
The new website takes better advantage of our treasure trove of hi-res behind the scenes photos. Throughout these pages, we use big banner images and recycle our favorite Instagram posts into portfolio case studies.

3. Responsive Redesign
This may be a no-brainer, but it can still be difficult creating a website that responds seamlessly from desktop to mobile experiences. We made sure that the new website’s big, juicy thumbnails scale down into manageable buttons on a phone or tablet. Even new features like the Portfolio’s auto-fill search made it to the portable adaptation.

4. White Space
Contrasted from the previous site’s dark background, 2.0 embraces a lot of white space. It’s open. It’s minimal. And it’s a lot easier to read at breakneck speeds.

5. Scrolling for Days
It’s hard to remember that keeping content “above the fold” was once a web deign commandment. Now, if we have something to say, we’re going to say it, no matter how many finger flicks it takes. So, please. Indulge our sometimes bottomless pages and read through our long-form story-posts.

6. Chit Chat
Chances are you’ve already been chat-approached by one of our super-friendly account reps. Say “hello.” Let them help you find something or talk through your problems. Preferably, your video marketing problems, but try them!

And while you're yukking it up, let them know what you think of the new website.

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