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Hot Tips For Shooting Videos At Home


While navigating through a global pandemic, in-studio quality content can be nearly impossible to capture due to regulations like travel bans and social distancing guidelines. However, when travel time decreases, screen time increases - leaving consumers hungry for new quality content.

In order to aid in the ever-increasing need for quality video content, we now offer virtual solutions - including Virtual Meeting Clean-Ups. With this service, LAI Video gives your homemade content an illustrious visually stimulating treatment to triumph over the drastic influx of online content.

Check out our four-step guide, handcrafted by LAI Video producers, to help you create high quality video content for remote interviews!


Your video background can either be a benefit or a barrier to your video content. To ensure visual symmetry, we encourage recording in a room with some depth behind you (3+feet), as well as a visually interesting backdrop - so, not sitting directly in front of a white wall. A couple of visually appealing background ideas are:

  • Home offices with a bookshelf on the wall

  • A living room with a fireplace or credenza

  • Dining room with a china cabinet

Important Note: Avoid a seating arrangement where your light source is coming from right behind you. Your light source should always be in front of you, yet behind your recording device.




Advances in technology have made it incredibly easy to record at home, while maintaining consistent quality in video and audio. We recommend either utilizing Zoom Virtual Conferencing Software or recording using an iPhone or Android phone.

To avoid any interruptions mid-recording, here’s a checklist to review before:

  • Check the storage capacity on your phone/computer to ensure there is more than 5GB available.

  • Wipe off the lens of your camera on your device, to eliminate any smudges or haziness.

  • Turn off all notifications on your phone and computer - to avoid miscellaneous noises in the background.

  • If recording on a phone, use headphones, Bluetooth preferred, or an external microphone for high audio quality.



No matter the recording method, keep your eye on the camera or computer lens, not the main screen. To help fight the temptation to look, try elevating your computer screen/phone using a platform (e.g. a stack of books or an elevated food tray). 

When working with an LAI Video producer, we’ll walk you through the entire process via Zoom. Like the above diagram, we’ll instruct you to join a custom Zoom meeting room so that the producer can ask you questions during your interview in real-time.

Most importantly, stay relaxed and conversational - you’ll do great!



Whether you’re aiming for video views, website link clicks, or an increase in social followers, we’re here to make sure your video content is professionally produced and ready to make a stamp on the web.

From post-production services in the form of editing, animation, and podcasts to graphic design services in the form of presentation and meme design, LAI Video is dedicated to working hard so our clients don’t have to!


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