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How Do We Bring A Character To Life?


AF&PA asked us to create a simple cartoon demonstrating proper recycling while informing the public of their recycling goals.

But after a first pass at this, the characters had a wooden, animatronic quality to them. So I went back and tried to give them some more life.

I noticed the characters really came to life when they blinked, glanced around, breathed—all the subtle human motions that bring a static model to life.

Static Characters

Animated Characters​​​​​​​

The project was animated using Adobe After Effects along with the Ease and Wizz plugin really helped to sell the natural movements

I also found that using a simple script to repeat certain human functions (breathing, blinking, subtle head movements) and looping them occasionally using a simple expression:
loopOut(type = "cycle", numKeyframes = 0)


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