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How to Make the Right Company Video for Your Business


Videos are dominating today’s marketers. In fact, 87% use video content in their marketing strategies — and good thing, too, because a third of the time spent online is used to watch videos.

Looking to hop on the video bandwagon but not sure where to begin when it comes to making a company video? No worries, we’ve got you. From the types of company videos available to how to make a company video, you’ll find all your answers below.

Types of Company Videos

When it comes to the kinds of company videos, you have tons of options, including:

  • Talking head: You’re probably familiar with this one, as it’s a staple among news stories and documentaries. It is an excellent way to connect with your target audience as well as help them put a face to the name. The challenge is, you have to be comfortable in front of the camera. Check out an example of our video work that illustrates a re-imagined version of a “talking head” video.
  • Promotional: When you’re prepping for the release of an upcoming product or service, your first thought may be to create a promotional commercial. These types of videos are useful for building anticipation while revealing details that set your product apart from the competition. Here’s a cool video we made to build some buzz around a fighter’s upcoming pay-per-view match.
  • Explainer: If you haven’t considered an educational or “explainer” video, think again. When consumers watch these videos, they’re 85% more likely to buy your product, which is pretty sweet if you ask us. These videos tend to use motion graphics and are a smart choice if your product or service is complex. We simplified a complex concept for our client who needed a way to educate their audience in an engaging way with this animated video.
  • Testimonial: Never underestimate the power of a review. In content marketing, customer testimonials have the highest rating, at 89%, when it comes to effectiveness. As a bonus, video testimonials are 40 times more likely to be shared across social media. We interviewed our client’s clients which created a powerful video and made the happy customers feel more connected to their favorite software firm.

A production company specializing in videos can often provide expert advice on which may be the most effective for you as you decide which type of video makes the most sense for your company.


Tips for Making a Company Video

Now that you know the most common types of company videos, let’s dive into how to make a company video:

  • Make a goal: Before planning your storyboards, music selection, or deadline, decide what you want to accomplish. If you’re looking to build awareness for your brand, gain clicks from consumers, or advertise your newest product, your company video’s going to be different for each goal.
  • Pick a time: Internet users are always on the move, from one video to the next. Side note: their attention span is around eight seconds, which is less than a goldfish. So how long will your video last? Depending on your goal, you may go for a 15- or 30-second ad or for a video that’s less than five minutes.
  • Tell a story: Viewers will stick around for your message if it’s compelling. They’ll decide in about 10 seconds which is when about 20% of your audience will leave. Keep the other 80% waatching by engaging them with a story that tugs at their heart-strings or natural curiosity.
  • Choose a style: Your budget may influence your video’s style. Forms include whiteboard, animation, live action, screencast, and more. When you’re thinking about the aesthetic of your video, consider the kind of background music you may want to set the tone.
  • Create a focal word or theme: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a post-production factor, but it plays a top role in your video’s success. You’ll want to optimize your video for the web, which includes picking a focal word or phrase to feature in both the title and description of your online video. This obviously won’t apply to TV commercials, but you’ll likely want to post any TV ads you create online too.

Starting your company’s first video may be challenging, especially if you’re without filming equipment. That’s where a video production company comes in to bring your ideas to life, like LAI Video. Our award-winning nerds are experts at collaborating with you to develop and film your company videos.

See what we can do by browsing our video portfolio or contacting us today!

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