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How to Target Millennials with Video Marketing


Millennial culture has reshaped marketing by popularizing a video-first communication style. Video marketing holds seemingly limitless opportunities for businesses to connect or engage with audiences. So, how can you pinpoint millennials to respond with this marketing medium that they have created? Here’s what we have to say on WHY and HOW to target millennials with video marketing.


The world is racing into a mobile era dominated by digitally-native millennials who have the largest consumer voice and hold the largest buying power of any generation.

To put it bluntly, millennials hold the power in the marketplace today. Especially the digital marketplace, and that's why reaching millennials through video is key. Millennials and online video content go together like bread and butter.


If you are not yet on the video marketing bandwagon, you are missing out on a HUGE facet of digital marketing. Seriously. Video marketing is a forward-facing marketing strategy that integrates engaging video into your marketing campaigns. It can be used for anything from strengthening customer relations to promoting your products. And it serves as a medium to present how-to’s, promote customer testimonials, live-stream events, and deliver viral content.

In the race to reach the millennials, organizations need to meet millennials where they already are—on video-hosting social sites. In the past decade, people have moved away from television and toward online media platforms. And within those, video content is dominating the digital media space, with 100 million hours of video being watched on Facebook and 10 billion videos watched on Snapchat daily.

Including videos in your marketing material increases click-through rates, bumps you higher on search results listings, and vastly improves brand recognition and retention. Video marketing is today’s most low-risk and high-reward type of marketing. With its ease and effectiveness, it would be crazy not to join in.

So, how do you navigate this new marketing medium in a way that appeals to the largest living generation? Here are tips on using video marketing to target millennials:

  1. Show Some Personality
  2. Share on the Go
  3. Segment, Segment, Segment
  4. Build Social Proof
  5. Be Sneaky
  6. Risk It


In this age of lifestyle design, personality is expressed in every aspect of life. And consumers want to see genuine expression by businesses too. Millennials want to know about the people and services behind a brand and are less focused on a hard sell. Spotlight your company culture or highlight an aspired lifestyle to exude authenticity.



Everything is being done on mobile devices today. For millennials, mobile devices are an extension of their living self. So, if your marketing video cannot be viewed on mobile players, does it even exist? To catch the most customers, you need to aim where your target is—which is increasingly on social media. Create content that can be posted onto social media, where your audience is most likely to see it and, hopefully, share it.


One of the often-stereotyped characteristics of the “typical millennial,” is their skepticism when it comes to big business. Most millennials reportedly trust their friends, family, and even strangers over what a corporation or brand would tell them. To avoid this distrust, demonstrate social proof in your video marketing to millennials. Leverage the power of personal brands where you can and offer guest spots to trusted authorities. Want to really generate credibility? Incorporate user-submitted content as an element in your campaign. The more consumers and users millennials see engaging with your brand, the more highly they will think of you.



One of the more nuanced challenges of marketing today is how to market your company without using a blatant advertisement. Millennials are much more likely to reject marketing schemes or spam-like promotional engagement, so you must be sneaky and get creative with your videos. Even though millennials want information, they want to select it instead of having it forced upon them. This is an important tip to keep in mind when you are thinking about how to target millennials with video marketing.



Millennials are an entire generation, with their oldest members almost 40 years old and their youngest at 20. Different subgroups clearly will have different needs, so segment your millennial base even further. Nowadays, everything is customizable, so create customized experiences for your consumers. Foster a connection with individuals through niche video campaigns. Leave a lasting impression with interactivity and emotional engagements. With the growth of AI and consumer data collection, people respond more to content that is personalized specifically for them, so what millennials watch on YouTube and other platforms will differ.


In a world where “what’s trending” changes by the hour, it is crucial that your content stands out amongst the crowd. Nobody wants their marketing content to blend in as white noise. So be original and take risks. Experiment with new techniques to keep you audience watching and sharing. And if you find the sweet spot of engaging, creative, new, and popular—then you might just hit the video marketing jackpot and “go viral.”



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