How To Use Slow Motion In Your Video Communications Campaign

by James Loizou
How To Use Slow Motion In Your Video Communications Campaign


Bounce TV reached out to us to direct a fighter profile for Rau’shee “Baby Pit” Warren’s upcoming pay-per-view match. Excited to produce something for primetime, we laced up for a shoot at a local institution—DC’s Headbangers Boxing Gym. Like Warren himself, our arsenal of equipment was lean but lethal. We stepped into the ring with nothing but a steadicam harness and directed the fighter to address his intensity toward the camera. Between the lightning-fast jabs and slow-motion glares, we used nothing but a child’s fog machine to craft a cinematic presence for Warren. These striking visuals were used in a variety of promotional materials as well as the opening video for the match.



But the champion treatment isn’t exclusive to literal champions. For our fourth outing with The Association of Union Constructors, we used slow-motion portraits and took our time to get to know these fine craftpeople. To celebrate the icons of the construction profession, we shot on-location with Kevin Knowlton, our "Third Generation Millwright." Shadowing Knowlton and his crew, we embraced slow motion to really savor the daily actions and interactions of a man whose work isn't usually subjected to the spotlight. The vignette feels authentic to the millwright, but also embodies TAUC's pledge to represent an industry comprised of countless craft heroes.


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