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How To Use Video At Your Next Event


How do you plan to use video at your annual meeting? Last month, we got the great opportunity to collaborate with a client to create a video communications plan at their biggest event of the year. 

In partnership with LAI Live, our team at LAI Video worked with the International Franchise Association on IFA2019, their annual convention.

Our team developed content both before and during the show to help define the attendee experience, generate a ton of buzz, and promote specific initiatives with the end goal of positioning IFA as the stewards and the authority within the franchising community.

We created:

  • An exciting promo video to help boost attendance
  • A recap video of the convention we edited overnight to play on the last day of the convention
  • A “media booth” where a team interviewed stakeholders and conference award winners, streaming the content straight to Facebook Live
  • A video spotlight featuring the “Next Generation” of Franchise Leaders
  • Pre-produced, graphics-intense opening, introduction, and awards videos that were loud and created visually-stunning “moments” that swept across a custom, multi-set screen

These videos, along with the graphics our live team used throughout the conference, all played off one another to create a cohesive look and feel and an unforgettable attendee experience.

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